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It’s Official: Maggie Rodriguez the new Saturday Early Show co-anchor


lg.jpg After 7 years at WFOR Maggie Rodriguez is leaving the station and moving to CBS Network. As expected, she will be the new ‘Saturday Early Show’ co-anchor.

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  1. I worked with her at KABC in Los Angeles and I can tell you she’s
    a phoney brown-noser. Being famous and more famous is all she cares about. Married the President of a major network
    – hum, i wonder if that’s the key to her success???
    Doesn’t care about the little people.
    A real phoney. Trust me.

  2. Maggie is NOT married to the president of a major network. She’s married to the general manager of a Spanish-language network-owned STATION, WSCV. They were married already before he got that job. They met when he was a sales bigwig at WFOR.

  3. I know Maggie very well. She has won 6 Emmys and 2 Murrow awards because of her work. She works long hours and is a perfectionist. She started at the ground level and has worked hard to get to where she is, and not overnight. She has been working since she got out of college – 15 years. She was introduced to her husband by the Channel 4 station manager (at that time) when he brought her to Miami from LA. Her husband was a Sales Manager at WFOR when they got married. He went to Telemundo as the general manager after. People – get your facts straight….to those who say they worked with her – somehow I doubt it.

  4. Good luck Maggie. I have never heard these things that those callous people are saying about you! HATERS. You are great at what you do and a professional! Don’t hate the player folks, hate the game. Get yours or GET OUT!

  5. Congrats! Well deserve, you are the best this market has to offer and I wish you all the best.
    On a personal note, one of my family members has MS and your tireless work with the MS Society has been greatly appreciated. Good luck.

  6. I don’t necessarily think Maggie is the best. The best bring in ratings and WFOR doesn’t even come close to 10. But only a small few make it to network so you have to hand it to her. Congrats!

  7. As long as they do some head to toe shots so we can see that smoking body, I’m more than happy with the move! 🙂

    But then again, I only watch the newscast with the hottest chicks so who am I to care about emmy awards! 🙂 lol

    Da Commish of WSVN Chicks Board

  8. Do you think Danielle SHOULD come back to wfor? If you were in management and watched Purdy in that seat, what would you do? I think when JP was put in that job, it was for a reason.

  9. Funny thing Mitch…I always, honestly, thought there was just something missing when it came to Joy Purdy. In the meantime, is Kristi Krueger of WPLG out of the noon news game? I haven’t seen her in a minute…

  10. I agree with Brent, although to be honest Danielle doesn’t strike me as the next Edward R. Morrow. These newsreaders are interchangerble parts; none of them do anything, or have a personality that really stands out.

  11. As soon as I saw her on the CBS Early Show I told myself we would be losing her soon. She’s wonderful! Good luck and God speed Maggie!

  12. With so many empty, hollow, and egotistical anchors in TV news, how could anyone put maggie in that catagorey. To get to the top one must have some sort of backbone and drive. Weak woman can’t handle that. Hence the unkind comments.


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