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NBC6 To Broadcast All Newscasts Online


They have awakened and seen the internets. Better late than never. NBC6 will be broadcasting live online their newscasts, except sports segments. Finally, what took them so long? 7 has been doing this since the Internet pretty much started walking and by the looks of it they are getting lots eyeballs from all over the world as their stream is hotlinked or listed on just about every site that lists live TV on the web. I think Mirror-Image said wsvn.com did something like 2 million streams a month! Too bad they’re missing some of that ad revenue!

NBC6.net – Watch NBC 6 Live Online

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  1. Finally!! Hopefully all the stations will start doing so.

    I found this at the bottom of the story “Note: Sports segments will not air online due to video copyright restrictions.”
    How does WSVN get past the copyright?

    Now I am watching the stream…it looks like a kediloscope of the NBC6 logo during the loading times.

  2. OK, so 7’s on-line broadcast consists of “The broadcast will begin momentarily” repeated over and over. The TV is showing the news, but the PC is showing nothing. Strike one.

    So let’s try 6. There was nothing on WTVJ’s home page indicating that I could watch the news on-line (the ‘on-line’ link is for weatherplus), so I tried the link in the main story above. After about 2 minutes of watching the NBC Peacock and “Buffering” I gave up. Strike two.

    I can’t believe that in the 21st century, two major TV stations can’t broadcast a live stream over the internet.

  3. No problems here with 6 it started immediately for me
    7 does have the blue screen but it was working earlier today.

  4. Just tried 7 again with the same results – nothing. It’s early for 6, so I’ll try later.

    Do I need a 6MB pipe or something to get these streams? I can watch WPLG when they stream with no problems…

  5. Well, 6 finally came in. Very cool. But 7 is still fubar. Of course, the freaking Kendal Toyota commercial comes in loud and clear (for like the fourth time). But no 7 News – just the Blue Screen.

    I don’t think it’s me, boss…

  6. Ok. Someone tell us why this is great? The whole thing which makes news on the web worth the time is the chance to pick what I want to see. If I want someone to decide what I see and in what order, I can just turn on TV. Putting live newscasts on WEB is OK, but it’s like putting radio on TV–just because you can do it doesn’t make it cutting edge. Most people want to pick and choose, and the websites which put the most video choices on are the ones who “get it”. I have my choice cuz one station does that. As for WSVN getting 2 million live newscast streams a month, very unlikely.


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