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Orlando’s WESH in HD Tomorrow


Orlando’s favorite NBC station WESH is turning the HD on tomorrow, the first day of sweeps. They’ll also debut a sexy new look to show off.
And couple weeks ago WINK-TV on the other side of Florida, market size 63, went HD as well.

And our stations have decided to do us a favor and not go HD so we won’t be seeing any gashing wounds or rolling poop from broken sewers in HD.

/via RogerSimmonsTV/
/Video/ OrlandoSentinel – WESH jumps on high-def bandwagon with local news
WESH.com – WESH Goes HD On Thrusday

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if when they throw the switch to turn off analog, the MIA/FTL stations all go dark because they’re not ready. 😉

    Seriously though, there’s no law that says a station has to transmit HD after the cutoff – only digital. So it’s actually feasible that Ch. 7 & 10 will still be broadcasting Stretch-O-Vision albeit over a digital signal. Scary.

  2. I hope Ch. 10 could one day go HD. They’re leading in the ratings, unfortunately, the wait to move to the new studio in 2009, is going to prevent them from being the HD leader in the Miami market. At least, WPLG is NOT using EWN-NG from Gari.

  3. Jim:
    WESH is the only NBC in the Orlando market.
    BUT it is also where Martha Sugalski is now anchoring
    2.5 hours a day…
    According to the local blogs, the audience in one of her
    time slots –from 4 to 5 PM is up 98%.
    In certain areas of the Orlando Market, like where I moved
    to, we can also get WFLA NBC 8 from Tampa.

  4. More input on HD in the Orlando market:
    WESH 2 owns WKCF CW 18.
    WFTV 9 owns WRDQ 27.
    Both 2 and 9 have coupled the HD
    capability to the second channels they own,
    and the earlier evening newscasts and local
    in studio programs on these 2 other stations are also in HD.
    So, technically we have 4 local HD capable stations broadcasting.
    Next up- WOFL Fox 35 is said to be working on HD and will
    be on with HD “soon”-whatever that means.


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