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Rumor:Michael Williams Seen at WFOR


Rumor has it former WTVJ-er Michael Williams, who got bumped from the station when NBC 2.0 struck and single anchor format was implemented, was seen at WFOR allegedly interviewing for the top job at the station.

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  1. I have been viewing this site the moment that Michael left. I was completely pissed when WTVJ made their wrong choice to left him go. What I can say is that Michael has my full support if he returns to the local airways he has my full support and honestly if your reading this Michael please restore the local news to your standard of quality as it should be. YOU”VE BEEN MISSED!

  2. A logical choice since it would be unlikely he’d go back to WSVN and there’s no news options at WPLG. If he’s not an anchor hopefully he’ll be a senior reporter.

  3. Brian Andrews is the Sr. Reporter at WFOR.

    The anchors have been recently tossing to him saying, “CBS 4 Sr. Reporter Brian Andrews is live with more. Brian?”

  4. I think it’s great they’re giving Brian a title. He may not look senior, but he certainly is. He’s been on tv here for a long time. And I think he’s just a good, if not better and more hip than Putney and Bogert.

  5. herb, you’re nuts…

    andrews better than bogert? putney? gary nelson? not in a million years…
    he does a decent job, well.. when he’s not showboating… but those guys… and the derek haywards or patrick frasers… those guys have been at it for YEARS… they’re the real deal… brian has a way to go yet

  6. So let me get this straight.. He went from a 400,000 thousand dollar on air position to working for FPL being a manager?

  7. Some of you guys are not giving Brian Andrews enough credit. I admit CBS 4 is graspoing at straws calling him a senior reporter, and gary nelson definatley deserves it more for his work at wfor and wcix before that. But Brian Andrews is a non stop work aholic. Who when he was at Ch 7 traveled all over the place and wokred all the time. He actually gave up the anchor job at 7 on the weekends because he liked reporting better, I remember him saying “I didnt like to be tied to that desk.”

  8. Michael Williams is a great reporter. I worked with him back at WTVJ and I know he is a great person, a newsroom leader and a VERY nice person. Someone with those credentials, who cares about south florida SHOULD have a prominent place on South Florida TV.


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