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SprintSpeed: Send an SMS to Lynn Martinez


Text her at 786-374-4275 you have until October 22 8am

Thanks Michael

*UPdated the phone number. Thanks to Brandon for the correction
* Update again: finally got it right! hopefully it’s what was shown on deco drive

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  1. Well, Micheal, one out of three things…

    – Your lieing (least possible)
    – The person your texting is lieing (most possible)
    – I forgot. Lol

  2. Well, I sent Lynn a few texts, and my mom did, too. But, she didn’t answer any of us. She said to me in her e-mail that she wouldn’t be able to respond to me, but to send her text messages. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be able to answer to her text messages. But, whatever. lol.


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