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The Way is Up for WFOR Alum


Ken Rosato left his morning anchor job at WFOR in 2003 to report for WABC. Now after a long search WABC has just named him the new morning co-anchor. Rosato received rave reviews when he got temporarily paired up with Lori Stokes in mid June after WABC’s studio fire. The NY Daily News gushed about his chemistry with Lori Stokes as did viewers and people at the station which must have helped the stations suits to make the obvious choise.

7Online.com – Ken Rosato named Eyewitness News morning co-anchor

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  1. Good for him, Ken Rosato is awesome! We miss him here. But can’t wait to tune in when we visit the Big Apple. Congratulations to a great anchor!

  2. Sean, true
    I didn’t recognize him at first when I was watching his package on the ABC fire I had to google him just to make sure 😀

  3. Best of Luck to Ken Rosato,I knew they would pick him. He was the best choice. I watch him every morning with Lori Stokes they are Great as a newsteam. He says he lives in New Jersey. Does anybody know where in New jersey?


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