1. Actually, the Newsplex is there. It was only 6 months old at the time, though. They debuted it along with that music and graphics package in late April 1994. Good stuff.

  2. Jeb looked like a kid in the commercial. Unreal.

    BTW, who is the voice for Ch. 7? The same guy’s been doing it forever.

  3. Yea hes the voice for the Fox station in Orlando when i heard it all i could think was Ch.7 and Deco dirve ofcourse lol

  4. I would love to see the opening of Seven News when-Rick, Sally, Penny, and Joan were the main anchors….that was the most awesome opening of a news show to date….(LOL)-I think?

  5. sctoot chapin does the nbc-boston (wsvn sister station), fox 35 in orlando, wsvn of course! 🙂 im not sure about this one but he , i think does one in new york? im not sure. but he does many others!

  6. I can explain,

    The vid that the admin posted came from our YouTube channel. This is not one of those rips. My dad was taping coverage of the Haitian president’s return to power and it was on a Saturday. Thinking it was going to be wall-to-wall coverage, my dad accidentally taped the entire WSVN lineup all the way to America’s Most Wanted!!! LOL! Looking back, it’s now worth it!!!


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