1. Peter Ford, who was recruited from Headline News…good guy, Australian, I think he’s writing kid’s books now. Sally Fitz…the link to the current drecch which 7 has devolved into. Frank Robertson and Denise White were and are first class…they went back to Tampa, mostly because they objected to the Rick Sanchez influence at 7. Bob Soper, another good guy. Ididn’t notice if the sports guy, Lee Webb, was on, but he is real interesting. He’s the lead news anchor now for ChristianBroadcasting Network. Yep, he works for Pat Robertson. BTW, Peter Ford was brought in to replace Steve Rondinaro, and now I really feel old.

  2. Sooo cheezy! It made it seem like news was a good thing! Made it seem like there was no robberys and murders and stuff! Now, it’s just very fast paced promos, that add to our daily stress life!

  3. I love this touchy-feely promo. You don’t see 1:00 promos much anymore. And it’s definitely not the 7 people are used to seeing these days. What a difference 20 years make! By the way, the sports guy at the time was Bret Lewis. Jim Berry arrived at 7 in late 1988.


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