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WSVN Is Sexy and Seduces You


At least that seems to be the conclusion of Johnny Diaz the TV critic at the Boston Globe.

WSVN complements Miami very well. It’s flashy with its bright radiant colors. It’s dramatic with its thunderous tech[n]o intro music. It’s sexy with its news teases. It’s a rush with its quick, back-to-back turn of stories. Basically, the station seduces its viewers, making you forget that you just sat and watched 1/2 or an hour of news.

He’s kind of right though – most people that I know from overseas who’ve seen 7 really like the energy and presentation.

The Boston Globe – Viewer discretion – The other Channel 7

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  1. It’s virtual bling. People look at 7 the same way they look at a guy with grillz. Except for Belkys, of course. 😉

  2. except, is anyone seeing what is happening on that early afternoon line up? After three weeks, it looks like charles bili is the choice to replace Tom. not so bling there.

  3. Last I checked WSVN had about 20% of the ad market here, the most of any station so something’s working for them 🙂

  4. I personally never thought of 7 as seducing by any means, just flashy. Especially in graphics. And getting even more flashy since their 2001 revamp.

  5. Same guy apparently
    from the blog post “(I used to work at The Miami Herald and us Metro reporters had to see what 7 had on us at 10 p.m.)”

  6. And its the same JOhnny Diaz who was on the Real world Miami, dan’s boyfriend. So he has cred, being from Miami and at the Herald.

  7. I hate WSVN News, its like watching The Insider

    I just don’t see the appeal. Belkys looks like a giraffe, her voice is annoying, Craig Stevens spends way too much time in the tanner, Phil Ferro has zero personality, and I am still trying to figure out why Steve Shapiro is always yelling at me.

    All Channel 7 has is hot weather women


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