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A month ago I was sifting trough my hard drives and came across some 7News promos. Mark Londner was in some of them. I ran his name trough google and this blog showed up, then and I got the urge to blog this little reminder, not sure why.

5 years ago on the morning of March 28 2003 Mark Londner passed away three days away from his 56th birthday. He was 7News’ senior reporter and was at channel 7 for about 30 years. They didn’t give the senior reporter title to anyone else after that.

In 2001 Mark won the Silver Circle Award, one of many including 10 emmies, and the Miami New Times named him best TV news reporter in 1999 and 2000 (see links below)

Mark died after a 3 long years battling melanoma.

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Miami New Times: Miami – Best Of – Best TV Reporter – Mark Londner (2000)

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