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Christina Loren Joins WFOR


Update 01/10: anon tipster claims Loren auditioned for Elita Loresca’s job at 7News but they passed on her!

New (weather?) (traffic?) girl on WFOR.
Christina Loren just came from KERO-TV in Bakersfield, California where she was that station’s morning meteorologist and back up traffic anchor.

A tipster says she replaces Erin Coakley who was the weekend meteorologist but the CBS4 bio says Loren is doing traffic.

Check out her profile and videos on MySpace

Christina Loren Thursday Weather Forecast

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  1. She is likely not replacing Erin in the weather department as WFOR recently introduced a new weather guy, Jeff Baskin, to their weekend weather team. He has been doing the weather reports on Saturdays and Sundays during the past couple of weeks.

    Any news on Jeff Baskin?

  2. I guess Miami traded Elita’s funbags to Cali for Christina’s. Those must be the two good reasons she was hired….

  3. Wow… *speechless* she likes to dress sexy. I felt like I was watching a Forever 21 ad instead of a weathercast. I really have no words. She has a nice presence on air — so I don’t understand why she dresses so “trendy.”

  4. Take it from a Bakersfield local… Christina is a very fresh and funny talent. She is community minded and will be missed. Give her a chance and she will surprise you. And for the snarky comment from hava, Chrstina is working on her meteorology degree and is very knowledgeable about the weather, as for tipping over come on, don’t be a hater.

  5. hava,

    According to her CBS4 bio she is doing traffic and working on her met degree. Jeez, people need to not be so snotty!

  6. Hot damn, it’s good time to be in SoFla! I hate channel 7 but I got to thank them for this trend that they have pioneered :)!!!

  7. Guess she hasn’t started yet, Hugh Nolan did the traffic on 4 this morning. Looking forward to her arrival, Lissette Gonzalez followed immediately by Christina…nice!! 🙂

  8. I’ve been watching her every morning. You can tell she’s intelligent and she does a nice job with traffic. She’s my new favorite Miami hottie.

  9. Our loss is your gain Miami. I knew Christina while she worked at 23 here in Bakersfield. She’s a great weather gal and a very sweet person.


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