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Christina Puig Back on Univision 23?


A reader dropped me a note saying they saw Christina Puig reporting for Univision 23 last night. Puig formerly a WFOR CBS 4 reporter has worked at CNN and Univision before joining WFOR.

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  1. I just want to clear up a couple of things. First, Cristina spells her name without an “h”. Second, Cristina never left the air in Miami. She is strictly a freelance reporter who works for various media outlets in Miami: Univision Network, CNN en Espanol, CNN Newsource and Telefutura Network. CBS 4 was an additional freelance opportunity that came her way before budget cuts occurred.

  2. I am the ben that usually posts here. The previous post is not me. Someone used my name to post something bad about this reporter.

    I have never seen her on the air before.

  3. Furthermore, I am the ben that knows how to construct a sentence. I also learned in the 3rd grade to begin a sentence with a capital letter.

  4. Adrian,
    I always leave ben lower case for that, “I can’t be bothered blog” look.

    newser, good question. Let’s dump this thread!

  5. Puig is an excellent reporter. Univision 23 is fortunate to have her. She is accuracte, dependable, and solid. Best Wishes Puig. Ignore the jealous haters. They have nothing better to do.


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