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Comcast Raises Rates 2.5%


Comcast will be raising rates an average of 2.5% in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

South Florida Comcast Public Relations Director Spero Canton gave the South Florida Business Journal the usual templated answer on why rates are going up again this year:

…the price adjustments “reflect the increased value of our services, including recent enhancements to our video-on-demand service across South Florida.”

Adding Comcast gave away $7.6 million in 2007 locally in the form of grants and in-kind services to schools and non-profits.

At least my $160 monthly bill is good for something if it can’t help fix over-compressed HDTV and schizophrenic DVR that goes nuts without warning.

Congrats to the winners!

/hat tip Joe/

update 5.31.08: The Sun Sentinel has a bit more detail on the coming rate incrase.

According to them, Davie, Lauderdale Lakes and Cooper City will now pay $16.99 for limited basic, up from $14.50 a 17.1% incrase

Digital Starter package is going up from $52.95 to $54.99 a 3.8% increase

Palm Beach Co saw increase of expanded basic in January from $47.99 to $50.95 a 6.1% increase and they are not part of the latest price changes.

Coral Springs and Hallandale Beach may see limited basic price decrease from $0.04 to $0.38 cents

Comcast insists the rate incrase has to do with add more content to Video-on-demand and “improved customer service initiatives”!

DVR cost won’t go up, it would’ve been asinine if it did, considering the issues these boxes have.

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  1. But.. “It’s Comcastic!” 🙂

    So is it just a matter of time before sat follows suit? Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Yep. Lauzin, gettin’ it for free works for me. Haven’t noticed a cable bill going up in years (get free internet too). Maybe I’m one of the reasons why, maybe not! I still have the man’s number if anyone’s interested.
    Premium Gas: $4.18
    Organic Milk: $3.85
    Tivo: $12.99
    Cable: Priceless. 😉


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