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WTVJ’s DeMarco Morgan Says Goodbye









 The new anchor changes take effect this week. DeMarco Morgan’s last day is Wednesday.  

Starting Thursday:
 Joel Conanble anchors the 7pm with Jackie
Julia Yarbough anchors the 11pm with Jackie
Sharon Lawson anchors weekend mornings solo
Amara Sohn anchors the weekend nights solo
There has been a lot of “alleged” talk in the NBC6 newsroom about his attitude lately. Apparently New York has gone to his head. He apparently even yelled at a producer last week or not delivering his script to the desk for him. From what I’ve heard, this is extremely out of character for him. It’s either New York going to his head, or the stress of this move. Who knows. None the less, we wish him luck. Good luck DeMarco!
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  1. He’s not bad, but I highly doubt anyone in Miami will remember him in five years… he wasn’t around that long, and just does not have a memorable presence.

    Too bad he’s either getting a big head, or getting grouchy… let’s hope it’s short-lived… I can’t imagine that going well for a new guy in New York.

    Is Tom Llamas’ move to NYC confirmed?

  2. I haven’t heard anything about Tom yet. As for DeMarco, sometimes big moves like this can cause stress. I know he’s getting paid well over $600 thousand to go there, so he has a right to have a little attitude.

  3. Remember — $600K in NYC isn’t nearly as much as $600k in Miami. It’s not peanuts, but it’s not as much as you might think.

  4. Mr Big is kidding. Demarco is getting around 110 thousand in New York. Iy is a very low salary for New York, but tha’s how broadcasting is changing. The only people making more than 600 thousand in NY are main anchors and they are closer to a million. I don’t think Demarco shouldn have left. He’s not getting good money, h’s going to the most disfunctional station in New York that is falling a apart and he now has missed out on any severance package or emplyment offered by Post Newsweek when they buy the station.

  5. I find it funny how all the Black people in this media seem to have attitude problems that gets reported. While Joe Rose who is the biggest diva in SoFlo sports talk history never gets accused of anything. Getting himself in the middle of the Minervini/Sugolski(SP?) divorce. Or telling Jennifer Gray on air that she needs to dump her boyfriend in Shrevport. Nothing about him, but yet I know every time when Tisha Lewis doesn’t say good morning to the front receptionist at NBC.

  6. Well stated. Tisha is a dud, but Joe Rose is typical of the idiots who playa sport and milk it for a |”career” when they figure out they can’t do anything else but milk that recognition teat. Mandich is the same. Kim Bokamper, for all it’s worth, has worked at the craft of being on-air and it shows. Listen to Rose for a day, and when he does an ad on the radio, see if he can do it without saying “I tell ya” or “are you kidding me?” Joe Rose is an incompetent buffoon and should not be clogging my airwaves. Same for Mandich. Talentless clowns. You can get the same insight on sports from a drunk at your neighborhood bar. There are idiots in all shapes, sizes and colors clotting up the media, both locally and nationally.

    • Why is it ridiculous? Isn’t Joel good at what he does. Can he not have fans? Hmmm. R u jealous or something. Just be happy to him and everyone else who is good at what they do on TV.

  7. Yeah. It is terrible that so many people like Joel. Gee. I wonder if anyone one this gossip site can be supportive of good people and not always critical just to be critical. Tell me why Joel shouldn’t be admired???

  8. Inside Scoop:

    Since you “axed”, here is the skinny on the talent and their ‘tudes at Channel six:

    Sharon Lawson: Great gal, solid citizen, glad she’s getting the chance to anchor. Long overdue.

    Julia Yarbough: Level-headed chick whose no-nonsense approach to anchoring is quite appealing. Congrats

    Jackie Nespral: Don’t write her off as less than bright because she is attractive. Perhaps she’s smart enough to realize that viewers don’t have to be hit over the head with a know-it-all delivery to be found credible AND likeable. Despite other posts I’ve read to the contrary, the woman is no dummy, and look for her to pop up elsewhere should PN decide to can everyone at 6.

    Joe Rose: Anyone who thinks he’s a dunder-head has fallen for his well orchestrated “I’m just a regular Joe” act. The guy is talented and fun, and I have NEVER seen him in a bad mood.

    Joe Connable: Smooth. The real test of a good anchor is breaking news, and he is about as good as it gets. He’s as nice as can be, and again, I’ve never seen him in a snit about anything.

    Does anyone want to hear more? I can go on about others if I get enough requests…

  9. I agree with Joaquin. May I just add that there are a few more great people:

    Ari Obzer – nice as can be. He is a no nonsese reporter who tells great stories even when our assignment desk and managers hand him a pile of crap.

    Amara Shon – Very nice person. Great reporter who has always been overlooked. She is beautiful on camera and smart. She will do very well in this business after NBC dies.

    Tom Llamas – arrogant at times. He has pissed off every photog at the station. He needs to become more polished. He reports like a robot with very little personality. But NBC managers love him becasue he’s a YES man.

    Jeff Burnside – One of the best investigative reporters in the business. Nice as can be. A little strange at times, but only becasue he is eclectic. He should be doing network investigative reports.

    Willard Shepard -Great guy. Not a great reporter since, I don’t tionk he cares anymore as he is trying to leave the business and become a lawyer.

    Ian Wood – nice as can be. But, he is over his head as a reporter. he has had no training as a reporter. Miami is his first market and he can’t tell stories well. NBC loves him becasue he’s really cheap.

    Claudia DeCompo – Nice woman, but not a great story teller. NBC love she rbecasue she is cheap

    Roxanne Vargas – nice girl. Everyone likes her but she is also over her head in Miami. NBC put her on the air becasue she worked with eh GM as her secretary and she is very cheap to employ. She could do very well in TV, but she needs to pay her dues and learn in a smaller market first.

    That’s all I have to say about that…

  10. We heard in the newsroom that Demarco will be highlighted in promos as the Miami telent who took his skills to New York. He will be doing specials anchoring from New York for Miami in the future. Interesting.

  11. Well, I guess with Ashton around, I’m not needed here. Unless my public demands it… go ahead, beg me for more.

  12. I never said you can’t gush over Joel, I think he’s ok too, its just that in this website in particular there seems to be a ridiculous fanfare thats pretty hard to belive.

  13. Letsee..a post about South Florida television, a great discussion with inside information, and new information for us to digest.

    Yeah, I can complain, but this is what we’re all looking for when reading this blog. I can also compliment, too.

    Well done.

  14. joaquin,

    Please go on and tell us more about these anchors. How are Local 10, 7news and CBS4 anchors. Give us all the dirt or 411 on them if you don’t mind.

  15. I just wanted everyone to know how much I enjoy the postings. I used to work in local radio/tv news here in the days of Ralph Renick and Ann Bishop. I have been out of it for a long time, but still love the business and reading about it. Please keep it coming. Thanks.

  16. Alright, alright. Back by popular demand: Me. Here goes:

    Roxanne Vargas: I disagree that she needs to take her lumps in a smaller market. If she intends on staying with entertainment, she doesn’t have to go to No-wheres-ville, Oklahoma and report on Ferd Burfle’s car crash on Main Street.
    With her brains and looks, she can go right to one of the network entertainment shows. She seems to be a Ken Lindner type. If he hasn’t yet contacted her, I bet he soon will.
    Moreover, she has a good heart.

    Pam Gigante: She’s the Grace Kelly for the 21st century. Stay away from those winding hills in Monte Carlo, Pam. We need you around for the duration of WTVJ, however short that may be. Your solid delivery and cheerful demeanor is always a plus.

    Bob Mayer: Got a problem? Go to Bob. He knows everybody and can tell you how to solve anything.
    Car issue? Ask Bob. He’ll get you to the right mechanic.
    Legal problem? Ask Bob. He’ll get you the right lawyer.
    Hemorrhoids? Ask Bob. He’ll lend a hand.

    Ryan Phillips: Doesn’t get any better. He’s a meteorologist’s meteorologist. Just ask Paul. (Note to Paul: SNAP!)

    Trina Robinson: Diva. Apply your own interpretation to that description, but quite simply, she personifies the word. And she loves it! Her mere presence says “Stay on my good side, and you won’t get your ass kicked”. Go on with your bad self, Trina!

    Willard Shepard: He DOES care about his reports. Also, he is extremely protective and generous with his friends. Love us some Dubya Ess!

    Ari Odzer: All around solid reporter with a great sense of humor. He stands by his principles and takes the high ground without being above laughing at a joke that may include, (but not limited to),farts, erectile dysfunction or inappropriate scratching. (For more on inappropriate scratching, please see Bob Mayer’s assessment).

    That’s all for now children. I will happily enter more later if you like! Accept no imitations.

  17. Joaquin, what’s your impression of Tony Segreto, whom I have watched on WTVJ for about 20 years? Is he retiring soon? Hope not.

  18. Let me give you the real scoop with out being so political:

    Ari, awesome reporter and undervalued by management.

    Bogert, pain in the a__s! good reporter

    Hank, awesome reporter and great guy.

    Demarco, not a very good reporter but thinks he’s a star. From the first day he got here, he thought he’s crap didn’t stink. Nice guy though. Not a very hard worker, good luck in NYC.

    Joel, great guy and awesome reporter. Management does not like him because he speaks his mind. But Liz is gone….Thank God!

    Tony, dude retire….lazy, lazy….your a sports guy not a journalist!

    Amara, attitude!!!!!!!she stumbles more than Ann Curry..Listen to her on the weekend and she can read a sentenc with out messing up, NOT ONE!

    Sharon, nice girl, cliche reporter…….

    Tom, what a di_k! Rich kid who got a job and thinks he’s good. Kid can’t report if he tried. His delivery sounds the same with a funeral or a parade. Thinks he is a star…..Treats the crews like crap and has back stabbed many photogs to management!

    Diana, very nice and good reporter…Management does not give her any props.

    Willard, please……good work ethic(NOT) makes calls all day about his personal things.

    Tisha, not need to say……

    This is as accurate as it gets. Ask anyone at TVJ and they will agree.

  19. Insider is right. You forgot Gray Hall. Very nice guy but an amateur at reporting. His style is basic and there isn’t any depth to his reporting.

  20. We also forgot about the main person: Not on air, but behind the scene: Yvette Miley:

    Rules the newsroom through fear. If your gay or black apply for a job… your qualifications really won’t matter. Be ready to be a part of a click, because if you’re not part of the management click, then you have no power in this newsroom. They could care less about you. She will make sure you do everything that local news is stereotyped for. “Thinking outside of the box” is encouraged but then discouraged once you do it. Being a “newsroom leader” is encouraged, but then discouraged when you do it. She will tell managers not to watch the other news stations or bring ideas in from the newspapers, but everyday in the morning meetings, we copy what the other stations did or copy what the Herla dor Sun Sentinel reported already. If you are unable to deal with situations where you have to think on your feet and if you are a kiss ass who just wants to seem good at what you do, come work at the worst station in Miami.

  21. Ditto on the homo prerequisite. Just look at the fat slob who works on the digital stuff, he’s a real piece of work- thinks he can say or do anything. Hey buddy, get over yourself. People don’t really like you, they’re just scared sh-tless for their jobs.

  22. Steadycam is such a bitter Betty. Get a life man and stop taking jabs at others. Everyone on here needs to relax. EVERYONE is in the same sinking boat. It sucks but that is the way it all panned out.

  23. Congrats to Juila on her new promotion: THE MAIN ANCHOR FOR 6pm & 11pm, and the second African American female in this market to anchor permanently a 6pm & 11pm newscast. Remember Angela Rae was the first American American female main anchor not just regular anchor or fill-in but permanent!Now all we need is Joel to take Jackie spot and the ratings will get better. I think Jackie needs to step down and give up her seat she has been there the longest. Does any1 know about Kelly Craig at the station, I think she was like the only 1 left out about the type of person she is?

  24. Mmmmm… some of these posts have taken a decidedly mean spirited turn and that bothers me. What’s worse, they weren’t even written with any flair or pith, which makes ME pithed.

    Why would Mr. S retire now? Whatever he decides to do, everyone working at 6 should be glad he was onboard as long as he was. Say what you will, but he put cans in the seats for many years, when formats and co-anchors were being changed faster than under-draws.

    As for Ms. N, she’ll land on her Prada-clad feet with little or no scuff marks after the sale. Wait and see. Go on, Girl.

    Well, that’s it for me. I’ve written about everyone who I know.. and I’m proud to have worked with all of ’em.

  25. Hey “Joe”, get your own name. This one’s mine, and it’s real.

    That said, as a viewer, I don’t give a rat’s ass who’s gay, bi, straight, or whatever. When I watch the news, I just want it honest, without attitude or spin, and preferably from someone who’s not unattractive. After all, it _is_ still television.

    Oh, one more thing – it would be nice if the picture on my HDTV wasn’t distorted by stretch-o-vision.

  26. NBC6 Fan, How could I forget good old KC?

    When I’m with her I’m confused
    Out of focus and bemused
    And I never know exactly where I am
    Unpredictable as weather
    She’s as flighty as a feather
    She’s a darling! She’s a demon! She’s a lamb!

    She’d outpester any pest
    Drive a hornet from its nest
    She could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
    She is gentle! She is wild!
    She’s a riddle! She’s a child!
    She’s a headache! She’s an angel!
    She’s a girrrrrrrrl!

  27. Wow, so much talk about the people who work at Miami’s bottom-dwelling tv station. Honestly, I don’t know who half of these people are and aren’t all of these folks going to be out of a job soon and never be seen on local tv airwaves again?

  28. “I’m just sayin’ is all” – if you don’t know who half these people are there you live in a cave. Most of the people at NBC are some of the best known people on television, since NBC6 is the oldest TV station in Florida. Tp say they will never be seen on local TV again is wrong. Of course they will. From Jackie, Paul Deanno, Joel Conable, Amara Sohn, Jen Gray, Sharon Lawson, Julia Yarbough to Ryan Phillips, they will all land oher jobs, maybe not in Miami, but in better markets. You obviously watch the college level WSVN, where fresh out f college gets a job and reporters are paid peanuts. WSVN does a good job with some things, but there is no doubt they are flashy and Fox’s general programming is for dummies. You said bottom-dwelling – that is WSVN and SVN is South Florida’s news leader when it comes to bottom dwelling. NBC still attracts smarter and wealthier viewers who was more substance. So, get an education, learn how to speak proper English and before you post something on a gossip page about local TV, learn about that local markets big players before you say crap. I know you’ll have some ghetto response to what I just said,.

  29. How intelligent you sound Miguel! Congrats.
    I won’t forget to tell my stupid poor friends to stop watching WTVJ. Thank you!

  30. I don’t think Juliah from Hialeah’s friends are watching WTVJ. They are prob watching Channel 7. It’s easier to understand and for people who drool


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