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7News in HD Imminent


Yes, people! Finally, 7News will end stretchovision madness and launch real HD.

Here’s what I learned:

– rehearsals were happening Friday evening
– the plex will/receive(d) subtle changes, nothing major
– anchor desk has grown a bit. The 7 logo at the front was replaced
– the blue duratran between the floors is going back to
how it was before, small. Or at least smaller than it is now.
– flat screens will be added to it?
– monitor wall may or may not change. WHDH replaced theirs
with almost a dozen large flat screen tvs

– “very ESPN-sportscenter ish”
– “LOTS of swooshes and flying 7s”
– “everything looks like its flying out of the screen”
– the new opens are much shorter
– color scheme is blue, black, red with chrome

no info but I’m working on it. My guess, something original
by Chris Crane, naturally

Field photogs will be shooting in 16×9 SD which will be upconverted
to HD. NO stretchovision and as few sidebars as possible.

Don’t expect any more major changes after this. Even with holding nearly 20% of the local tv ad market WSVN is still pinched by the bad economy.
They like every other station are having budget problems and allegedly won’t be filling open positions.

Doesn’t appear like they’ll acquire the WTVJ building at this point in time. Of course you never know but at the moment it doesn’t appear likely (maybe it never was?)

Sunbeam is still in litigation with the company that wants to build condos right next the studios.

7News HD will swooshhhh in with a bang sometimes during the first or second week of December.

And now you know. Thanks to the tipster for the info.

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  1. Wow … finally someone else jumps in. I sick of NBC6 Viper HD radar, I need something fresh. Looking forward to Vanessa Medina in HD.

  2. Before someone comes in with the stupid “learn English” comment … yes, I did forget the “am” between the “I sick” in the second sentence.

  3. Still don’t have an hd tv, but the updated graphics will be a nice holiday gift…the current ones are sort of old

  4. admin, I sure hope you and your tipster are right. But 7’s alleged transition to local HD begs the following questions:

    1) Will it actually happen, or is this just more 7 hype?

    2) Will Matlock (and other non-HD stuff like some commercials) be broadcast in distorted stretch-o-vision, or will 7 actually retain the correct aspect ratio for SD content?

    3) Will viewers gross out and tune out after seeing Belkys in HD?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. 1) nah i think it’s for reals. they spent a lot of time trying to get WHDH ready

    barring any unforseen delays of course wsvn is going to be hd for sure. they should be up on their game by now with so many glitches up in boston

    2) no idea about the non-hd syndicated programs
    do not have info on that but good question
    I forgot there’s more than just news on 7
    i don’t think WHDH is stretching anything but I could be wrong

    3) nothin wrong with the belkys, i like her, you just obsessed 😀

    you should see what we have up here in Seattle in HD
    not much sexy at all
    more like overbaked fake tanned ‘ol ladies with lotta
    wrinkles and pink lipstick. haha

  6. Yes

    Belkys is gonna be FIERCE in HD.
    I got my popcorn and cocktail waiting to see her sparkle.

    She’s gonna show the kids this is the front and this is the back.

    I thought you knew Miss thing.


  7. Yeah, WHDH does not stretch (luckily) with the exception of a few packages during the newscasts, which tend (although they have gotten much better at not stretching) to be stretched at the top of the hour, and then back to 4:3 at the middle of the hour (or vice-versa)

    And the “virtual weather center”, it is better looking in HD, but luckily (at least up in Boston) they use it much less infrequently than they did before.

  8. admin – not obsessed, she just grates on me aurally and visually. I can’t help but think of Phyllis Diller when I see/hear her. And Seattle is like what, 5,438 in market size? 😉

    Diego – Belkys is definitely fierce – on my eyes and ears! And what’s the ‘front and back’ thing with the kids? Can you please expound? You’re not talking about T&A, are you? And who’s “Miss Thing”? I remember years ago Volkswagen had a car called the Thing…

  9. Joe, are you implying that Belkys is a thing? Because if you are, I agree :-D. Belkys is awesome, just a little tough on the eyes. HA! The other day, they were talking about how cold it was going to get, and she did some weird neighing sound. It made me jump, because I happen to be the only 15 year old that has to put the volume all the way up to decently hear the TV. 😉

    And, I was speaking to a WSVN Producer on Facebook, and I asked him what we can expect from SVN with the HD, and when can we expect it, but he dodged the question, and told me about SVN’s Robotic Cameras on how it’s such a pain in the a** to operate 6 different cameras.

  10. Seattle is actually DMA 14.
    Miami/Ft Lauderdale is 16

    The stations feel a lot like watching the West Palm stations. Even the FOX station *in Seattle* which is owned by Tribune doesn’t even come close to anything in the Miami market.

  11. WPB’s Fox is owned by Raycom, actually.

    WPTV rivals Miami, easily. It could slot above WTVJ, but then again, what wouldn’t?

  12. I was referring to the FOX station in Seattle.

    My thought was that the stations by and large are pretty forgetable and boring. Personal opinion

  13. No way keep Laurie local 10. I have never seen a woman with so much make up on in my life. I mean her pores are begging for air. Laurie is dull and boring to watch. I would rather watch grass grow.

  14. Yeah WHDH up here in Boston does not stretch any syndicated programs, they didn’t even before going HD. The only complaint I have about 7 news in HD is that they don’t use specialized side-bars when doing a 4:3 piece, they just use plain black ones. All of the field reports are shot in 16:9, but not in HD.

  15. admin: thanks for the education re market size. Where can one find rankings on any given day? I’m just one of those fickle viewers without insider knowledge…

    Brandon: What’s a “thing”? Not knowing what that is, I’m certainly not implying that Belkys is one. However, if the shoe fits…

  16. Joe- Sometimes you just have to go along with what I say because there are times I make no sense. 🙂

    Also, Admin, I don’t know if you noticed, but in the last anchor desk, there was a faded 7 under the glass, in this desk, it’s not there. And, in the Satelite Center, there is ALL new equipment, HD monitors, Tape decks, receivers, the works. There’s a lot of flashing and shiny lights!!! 😀

  17. Also, if they were rehearsing, they’re going automated. You don’t have to rehearse with a on HD live switcher, same thing, better upgrade. So, they have to be going automated, and on their jobs section they’re looking for a Tech Director that knows the Harris Automation System or something. Could 7 be shooting themselves in the foot like TVJ?

  18. I would be shocked if they’ve gone completely automated.
    From what I’m told it won’t be a piece of cake automating a 7newscast. Everything there runs over the speed limit.

  19. Joe,

    Miss Thing is Gay Slang.
    Like Dog, Hommie, Girl
    Etc ETC Etc

    As for the this is the front and this is the back comment
    that is a cute little saying.

    It is not T&A. Get you mind out of the gutter.

    Belkys Nerey Serving it up as only she can on 7news South Florida’s number #1 choice for News!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe u need to get with the times and these saying these days you sound as if you are stuck back in the 70’s or something.

    Now Joe u better sell it with your bad self.

    • Diego, thanks very much for the gay/hip primer, even though I’m not gay and most likely not considered ‘hip’. It’s always good to stay on top of things, although you really didn’t explain the ‘front/back’ comment yet. Definitely looking forward to that.

      BTW, did you mean ‘homey’ rather than ‘hommie’? Like “Homey don’t play dat game”? And I belive Brandon’s correct about ‘dawg’. A ‘dog’ is man’s best friend. But on the other hand, is a ‘dawg’ a gay man’s best friend? Inquiring minds want to know.

      As for getting with the times, these times sort of suck, so I really don’t feel the need to ‘get with them’, so to speak. Like Popeye used to say, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.” Maybe when times get better I’ll get with them.

      As for Belkys, do a google search for Phyllis Diller and see if you can find any audio clips of her. Belkys is Phyllis Junior. I wonder if Belkys has had anyone tell her she reminds them of Phyllis Diller.

      Finally, I have to say in all seriousness – Diego, I think your posts are the best on this board. I honestly hope that every time I read the board you’ve posted something new. Always entertainment at its best!

      • i realize i am contributing to the sidetracking of this post but …

        queens (as in fem gay dudes) typically use slang such as “miss thang”

        most gays do not in fact use such slang

        don’t worry Joe i’m gay and out of the loop myself
        which makes me a really really bad gay 😀

        dog … hahah … dog’s also a term used to describe ugly

        • admin – Apologies for continuing to sidetrack, but this is just too good. 🙂

          ‘Dog’ as you’ve described it goes way back to when I was a kid, as in “That chick is a dog!”. I guess things have come full circle in so many years..

          admin, one last question: You say that because you’re out of the loop you’re a “really really bad gay”. Does that imply that if you’re not gay, being out of the loop isn’t all that bad? 😉

          • the chick is a dog analogy is what i had in mind indeed 🙂
            kind of a mean way to refer to genetically challenged girls tho 🙂

            yes that’s kind of what i was going for 🙂

  20. Now if 7news would only put Roy Ramos at the desk. Or at least show him more especially that body. I’am sure his Cookies look Delightful and are Delicious.

  21. I know that alex. I thought of more stuff after I hit the enter button.


    Come give me some love Brandon, since you keep ragging on me.


  22. wow…what has happened in here???…how did this thread transition from “hd coming to wsvn” to gay slang????

    this is stil SFLTV, right??? or has the blogosphere imploded and shit’s getting mixed up..lol..

  23. Getting us back on track, the thought of that long necked freak in HD is just scary. In Belkys’ case, “HD” stands for “Hideous Dog”

    And thats “D-O-G” not “D-A-W-G”

  24. Jim,

    If you do not like 7news then don’t watch. Otherwise stop your crying about Belkys. The lady is not a dog. I don’t care for Laurie Jennings.However as much as I don’t care for her instead of continuing to bad mouth her I simply don’t turn to local 10 for news. You should try it Jim. It’s called turning the channel to another news source. I can’t wait to see 7news in HD!!!!!

  25. Still waiting for WSVN to throw the switch… I was living in Boston when WHDH rolled out their new package. Was nice! Can’t wait to see what WSVN does!


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