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EcoMedia Teams With WFOR on Green Schools Intiative


EcoMedia, a marketing agency which uses 50% of its ad revenue to fund environmental projects is teaming up with WFOR for a Green Schools Initiative that will launch this fall in Miami.

They’ve already worked together on a program called EcoZone for the past 4 years wich included planting more than 1,000 trees in Virginia Key, a public awareness program provided by CBS4, instalation of filters on storm drains, planting of a solar tree and lighting retrofit at Miami City Hall.

The Green Schools Intiative will use corporate sponsor revenues to fun the “greening” of a school in
Miami and also Chicago and San Francisco where EcoMedia is teaming with
other CBS-owned stations.

The WFOR-EcoMedia EcoZone program is being expanded to other cities with CBS-owned affiliates which will provide local sales support for EcoMedia’s ad platforms.

CBS and EcoMedia will also team up with David Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants to create environmentally themed content.

Adweek: CBS, EcoMedia Extend ‘Zone’
The EcoZone Project

EcoMedia Press Release /PDF/


  1. Nothing say eco-friendly like a live truck sitting on location with the generator on a hot summer day and the operator inside asleep with the air conditioning on.

    Nothing say eco-frindly like a helicopter burning jet fuel for two hours hovering over a car wreck on I-95.

  2. I would like to see WFOR go green with their vehicles. Maybe the Hummer could switch to bio-degradable fuel and Chopper 4 could do the same thing. But, you gotta give CBS 4 credit for at least trying to become eco-friendly.

  3. TV stations being eco-friendly? Sort of an oxymoron I’d think.

    The eco-green-thing (like most other gimmicks-du-jour) is simply another ratings ploy…

  4. Jees…

    Is nothing good enough for some of you people? You’re more sour than a moldy key lime pie.

    In case you’re interested, the Hummer gets about 100 miles a week put on it, about 3 weeks on a tank of gas, but it will be invaluable when a hurricane hits.

    Hummers run on gasoline; there is no bio-degradeable gasoline. The helicopter runs on kerosene, and is actually fairly fuel efficient, but there is no biofuel for it either.

    But let the people at 4 not cover a story because they kept the helicopter parked in a green initiative, and you folks would be blasting them.

    That’s why I fled the business for PR.

  5. I don’t think anyone has a problem with CH4 burning fuel, in fact I love the smell of jet fuel. There is nothing better than the sound of a V8 consuming gasoline. Oil is awesome!

    It’s just the stupid ploys like “green initiatives” that are so disingenuous. The article mentions it’s an advertising scheme. So it has nothing to do with any real concern about the environment (which is hyped out of control anyway). An we all know how desperate Ch4 is for viewers, ratings and advertising dollars. If it fails to bring in ad dollars CBS and Ch4 will dump the school kids in a heart beat and move on to something else.

  6. Fins…

    Ecomedia is a marketing company which made a commitment to invest half of its profits with green initiatives. Its partnered with a number of corporations, but WFOR was the first media partner, and the success the partnership had in providing the City of Miami with hundreds of thousands of dollars in green improvements (and zero taxpayer cost) caught the attention of CBS corporate.

    This isn’t a ploy, as you seem to believe. The results were real, and WFOR didn’t make a dime. CBS is committing airtime and webspace to help with the project, and David Letterman’s company is producing programs to further green initiatives.

    I couldn’t see anything about CBS making money in what I read, but I saw a lot about what they’d provide to further this idea.

    Instead of saying ‘thanks for trying’, folks like you look for the negative, always. Will this succeed? Who knows, but let me ask, what has your employer done lately. Or you?

    CBS has done this before; donating time for AIDS awareness, something which I’m sure generated a ton of revenue, and other social initiatives.

    As to the pure crap about viewers, etc, the whole industry is fighting for ratings, viewers, and dollars. During May sweeps, all English language stations combined didn’t get 25% of the audience at 11. 25 years ago, WTVJ was getting 33% of the audience by itself. TV news and newspapers are in serious trouble overall, and singling out one station is ignoring the broader issue.

    Given all that, it’s amazing a TV network would even try to be socially responsible, even if it isn’t pure enough or Fins. In the marketing world which I now putter, this is a very close watched story.

  7. 100 miles/week, 3 weeks per tank = 300 miles per tank. Don’t think any Hummer’s capable of that.

    And why would a Hummer will be “invaluable in a hurricane”? It’s just a Tahoe with a bizarre body and interior. Oh, the “special stuff” inside.. Right.

  8. Joe,

    Hummer H2 fuel capacity is 32 gallons.

    Hummer H2 is rated at 10 mpg in city driving (EPA estimate).

    Why isn’t 300 miles per tank possible again?


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