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FOX Won’t Pay Indecenty Fine so DOJ Sues Them


The never ending saga the of FCC’s indecency crusade against FOX just got longer.

FOX is refusing the pay the $56,000 fine the FCC slapped it with for airing a naughty 10 second video during ‘Married by America’ reality show. In 2003. A pixilated video too!

Fox appealed the decision but the FCC rejected it because they went 14 pages too long! Can’t waste tax payers dollars now can they.

FOX in turn pouted lips and stomped their feet saying they won’t pay because FCC is picking on them. The commission’s spokeswoman went out and crowed about protecting children and how Newscorp is so evil and hates kids. That didn’t scare NewCorp so now the DOJ has gotten involved to make them care.

The new lawsuit means that the whole case is starting from scratch!

All this hoopla for some pixilated tits and ass. Sheesh

SeattleTimes: DOJ Sues Fox Over Indecency Fines

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