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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year

Where did the year go? To think about all that has happened in just one year is really amazing. From the election of our new president, to more local issues like the sale of WTVJ (and the cancellation of it) it has truly been an interesting and busy year.

From all of us at SFLTV, have a great, happy, and most importantly, SAFE New Year!

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  1. 2008 has been truly a year to remember for so many reasons, both good and bad. I still can’t believe that after all the trouble W-Post went through to purchase TVJ, it’s not going to go through. Oh, well. Let’s hope 2009 will be a year that is quite a memorable one as well. Kudos!

  2. lets have some 2009 predictions…what does everyone think will happen this year in local media? i’ll start:

    1) SOMEONE will buy WTVJ..
    2) WFOR will be put up for sale by CBS. Whether or not anyone buys it, that’s another story.
    3) Due to worsening economic conditions, more people will be laid off from the local stations.
    4) One (maybe two) Noon newscast will go dark..who watches those, anyways??
    5) The numbers of VJ’s (one-man-band reporters) will grow. I would venture to say that there will be two at each station before the year is up.

    Anyone else?? I could go on and on…

  3. Predictions…sure

    A multi-station ownership/switch will take place. FOX will purchase WTVJ and move programming to WTVJ provided that WSVN will pick up NBC programming and purchase WSFL at a fire-sale price from Tribune. FOX will try and transform WTVJ into WSVN and have a southern base for its news and business network. Tribune will need to raise some cash and Sunbeam will be the answer by purchasing WSFL especially after a failed would-be attempt at morning news on WSFL. Sunbeam will then have an identical duo duopoly and can program 4 stations in 2 markets. Sunbeam can produce 7 News and 7 News on CW39 from 5am – 9am, 12noon – 1pm, 4pm – 7pm and 10pm – 11:35pm. NBC returns to 7, FOX returns to 6 about 18 months or so after deals are reached.

    Yes, you can see the possibility of WFOR being up for sale. However, CBS seems to be better positioned from a ratings and financial standpoint to hold onto the station for a few more years. This would be especially true if Fox ownership comes to town. Then, you open up the possibility of FOX buying WBFS and running a FOX duopoly in Miramar.

    Stay Tuned…

  4. Here is my list of predictions for 2009:

    WFOR: a possible switch to high definition, a firing or two, the promotion of Gwen Belton to weekend evening anchor, elevating meteorologist Jeff Baskin to full-time (taking the weekend morning slot) or hiring somebody from outside Miami to take weekend mornings.

    WTVJ: the station being sold to Belo or Local TV, a 5pm newscast (if Days of Our Lives is cancelled), Tisha Lewis being let go (along with some behind-the scenes management changes).

    WSVN: going high definition, the hiring of two reporters, a reporter (and maybe an anchor or two) leaving.

    WPLG: going high definition (once they move into their new digs), new graphics and music, possible hirings.


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