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Open Thread: Your Predictions for 2009


Insider started off the predictions for 2009, I thought I’d give it more prominence with its own post.

So given the developments in the overall TV business, what do you think 2009 holds for local stations in South Florida?

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  1. Well…….

    I think WSVN will finally go HD. Though that’s a give in.

    I think that there is still hope for WTVJ and maybe WSVN could gobble it up. At least then WSVN can kick Telemundo out of that building and move in to put an end to those issues they have in North Bay VIllage

    I think somebody who has been around for a million years will call it quits. But who else is left?

  2. 1. WSVN should go in HD
    2. Local 10 should take out the JustNews.com Domain
    3. WFOR should go in HD
    4. WSCV should move out of the WTVJ studios
    5. WSVN needs new graphics!

  3. 2009 predictions!

    WfOR 4 Shannon Hori comes back as a part-timer but not due to HER decision. Wfor hires South Florida Prominent anchor Diane Magnum for the 5,6 and 11pm Newscasts.

    WTVJ 6 goes back to a 5pm newscasts and contemplates putting Ellen on at 7pm which results in SUCH HIGH RATINGS that his finally ends WSVN’s DECO DRIVE Days…..

    Speaking of WSVN 7 when DECO DRIVE takes a ratings plunge, THEY BECOME THE FIRST station in the nation to now have news at 5am 6am 7am 8am 9am 12Noon 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 10pm 11pm and at the end of the major newcast blocks they announce, AND NOW WE INTERRUPT our NEWS COVERAGE for a “little block of entertainment” BEHIND the scenes WSVN battles with FOX to make American Idol a half hour show so that they can squeeze in MORE NEWS! And finally, a new show series is created called.. WHO is MORE annoying, Louie Aguirre or Ryan Seacrest!

    WPLG 10 Opens up a state of the art studio where you can touch your TV screens and change cameras at YOUR DEMAND! When they broadcast in digital, Laurie Jennings’s eyes BECOME the BLUE-EST eyes you have EVER seen in YOUR LIFE! People become hypnotized and WPLG once again DOMINATES the South Florida viewing market and they eventually purchase the rights to the Oprah Winfrey show.

    Happy New Year to everybody and please LIGHTEN UP! And as the old bitties say… ENJOY THE VIEW!

  4. WTVJ knocks down Studio in Miramar then Rebuilds Studio at 316. Channel 23 moves in along with channel 17 and becomes the first TRIopoly once again making South Florida history. Then sells to Channel 7 which will then be owned by GE….so you know what that means, out goes 23 and T51 back in with Channel 6 Now WJTV.

  5. My predictions for 2009:

    WSVN finally converts its newscasts to high definition… re-brands the 11PM newscast to “News Edge at 11”, as well as re-brands the morning newscast to “Good Day South Florida” (retiring the “Today In Florida” branding).

    WPLG finally opening their new Pembroke Park broadcast facility… the newscasts going HD… Post-Newsweek, like Gannett, Sinclair, and Media General commissioning new graphics and theme music for their stations group, in a effort to save money.

    WFOR and WBFS becoming the last English-language stations to convert their news to HD.

    WTVJ finally getting a new committed owner to turn their station and local newscasts around for the better… new owner hiring new management, as well as getting rid of Jackie Nespral, moving Joel Connable and Pam Giganti to the 6, 7, and 11PM newscasts… moving Julia Yarbough, Kelly Craig, and John Gerard to the morning newscasts… new owner also dropping the “NBC 6” branding, for newer “WTVJ 6” and “WTVJ News” brandings.

    WSFL bringing back the WTVJ-produced 10PM newscast, if the new morning show tanks in the ratings.

    T-51 moving back to Haleigh, and hopefully being able to keep HD newscast production in place… even if WTVJ’s new owner buys up all of the HD equipment.

    Univision and TeleFutura becoming the last Spanish-language stations to convert their news to HD.

  6. Ansin going Murdoch…? That’d the the day. I highly doubt that the WTVJ 10pm newscast will return, Tribune is too smart for that.

    WTVJ will never knock down Miramar…

  7. CBS will dominate news when they switch out Katie Couric with Sarah Palin. NBC will begin to care about there local stations. WFOR will be relevant and informative, for the first time ever. T51 will purchase a building, and finally move from out of those warehouses in Hialeah.

    oh wait, that the list of what will never happen, sorry….

    Predictions for 2009, try to keep your job in tv, good luck..

  8. 1. WSVN in HD
    2. WSVN loses Fox to either WBFS or WSFL
    3. WTVJ stays an NBC O&O
    4. WFOR fires Antonio Mora and hires Rick Sanchez to replace him.
    5. WPLG, after going HD and into their new building drops the One and Only for Eyewitness News New Gen 3 or 4.

    • 6. WTVJ finally uses the new 2009 O&O gfx used on KXAS and KNSD.
      7. WTVJ uses the same theme WPTV is currently using.
      8. WTVJ OR WPLG hire Bill Ratner to be their vo.

      9. In WPEC or WFLX hire Scott Chapin to be their vo.
      10. WPTV hires WTVD anchor (and WTVJ alum) Steve Daniels.
      11. WPBF uses the Hearst HD gfx.
      12. WPBF picks up Oprah at 4pm after WPBF Weather First at 4:00 suffers from lower ratings.

      • Just a question about WBPF, I vacation in Vero Beach in the Winter to visit family — I live in New England — so I check the site sometimes to see whats going on with the “other 7News”. When I’m in Vero I normally watch WPTV Ch 5 (that’s what my family watches, too) but occasionally flip around to the other channels. I know that WPBF starts off every newscast with “Weather First”, but what is Weather First at 4? Is that an All-weather show hosted by their weather team, daily? Next time I’m in Vero I’ll have to check it out.

  9. I predict that NBC either gives up and decides to put more effort into WTVJ or tries to sell it again to a company who will. Also, and it looks like this one is a given, but WSVN and WPLG start broadcasting their newscasts in HD.

  10. WSVN – Goes HD, Gets ne graphics package, tweaks the newsplex even more.

    WPLG – New kickass studio and hopefully graphics along with HD.

    WFOR – Redesign the god damn set already! HD.

    WTVJ – Bought by any random company, stays with NBC, stays in Miramar, kicks out WSCV. New Graphics and news set gets an upgrade.

    WSCV – Moves back to Hialeah, but since its still with GE and a huge flagship station it stays HD.

    WLTV – Goes HD if not already.

    WSFL – M orning show expands to a 10 or 11 o’clock progrm as well, ratings similiar to WTVJ produced crap, so it stays on air.

  11. I predict WTVJ will start hiring reporters from the Dollar Store as they continue to find reporters for less and less money (it shows all too well)

  12. I heard from a very good WTVJ source, that Tony will show up on either Sports Radio or with the Miami Dolphins in some capacity as he has very close ties with the team

    • Do you know that for a fact? Where did you find out?

      Oh, BTW, I predict CBS 12’s 7pm news will expand to 1 hr, knocking out Who Wants to be a Millionaire, due to low ratings.

  13. Another prediction… The DTV Transition being pushed back to early 2010, amids recent news of the DTV Converter Box Coupon program running out of money, and Obama lobbying for congress to impose a post-ponement of the transition.

  14. 1. In an attempt to restore its former glory, WTVJ brings Ralph Renick back to anchor the 6pm show. He takes one look at what NBC has done to the station and drops dead a second time.
    2. Jeff Weinsier flees for his life after a chinese restaurant owner comes after him with a meat cleaver after a dirty dining report.
    3. Julie Summers does another one of her reports on internet stalkers for the February sweeps. the music playing underneath her report is so loud, you can’t hear what she is saying.
    4. Ardy Dierks puts together a 12 page powerpoint presentation for NBC on even more ways they can ruin NBC6 in 2009.


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