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Jim Berry Leaves Sports for News; New My33 Morning Show


Tom Jicha says Jim Berry is moving to ‘CBS4 News This Morning’ co-anchoring the newscast with Cynthia Demos.

From 7am to 9am Berry will be co-anchoring the CBS4 News on My33 with Jade Alexander.

The change takes effect June 16.

Little doubt this has something to do with WFOR’s ratings which weren’t so hot this past May sweeps. No word yet on the status of Jorge Estevez with WFOR

00:06 Update: Jorge Estevez stays with WFOR and will be reporting during the day Monday trough Friday. Marybel Rodriguez will solo anchor the weekend morning newscast.

Jim Berry and Jade Alexander will be anchoring a new My33 morning show that will be “essentially a show where morning radio meets morning TV. Viewers will still get the essentials: hard news, weather, and traffic.”

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  1. Another sure fire ratings loser for Ch4! They better watch out the Sentinel is starting up morning news too. Amateur news in the morning is going to have a lot of competition.

    Isn’t Berry the guy that does all those sports cliches and does sports reports where he raps the script?

  2. Are u kidding me? So Jorge Estevez is going from anchor to reporter. Who wants to watch Jim Berry? Sure as hell not me. I need my Jorgie fix in the mornin. I hope WFORs ratings really tank with that fat slob.

  3. You cannot pay me enough to watch Jade Alexander, she will send the 5 viewers running for their remotes.

  4. Jorge Estevez becomes daytime reporter during AM (and Noon?) newscast.

    Jim and Cynthia anchor 5-7am then Jim and Jade anchor the re-tooled My33 from 7am to 9am.

    Who knows maybe he’ll also be substitute morning anchor

  5. Youtube has various clips of Jim Berry as an anchor back in the day… but beware his stupid jingles are also posted

  6. Jade Alexander is an awesome anchor. WFOR’s ratings on the morning weekend were relatively good compared to Monday – Friday’s morning ratings.

    I enjoy watching Jade anchor because she is conversational, funny, and serious when she needs to be. More importantly, Jade Alexander is a genuinely good person. She always, “looks out for the little guy.” Jim Berry is fortunate to be able to sit at the same anchor desk with such a great person. Congrats on your new gig Jade. You definitely deserve it!!!! Ciao.

  7. Wow..what a shock. Jorge and Cynthia are meant to be, good chemistry and they like to play around which makes the morning news fun to watch. Not a Jim B. fan at all..just watching him do those stupid promos on SportsJam made him look like a fool.
    Im also sad to see the Jade and Marybel split..I felt they worked great together. Ratings are down..try working on the news rather than splitting up the anchors…Good luck Channel 4

  8. YES! Work on the NEWS not on the anchors. Until you get good news it doesn’t matter who the anchors are. So foolish.

  9. Jorge was the best and funniest guy waking me up! What a demotion! I think their chemistry was great! CBS4 tank and blow your decision with this hurricane season! Jorge you deserve better. It’s always the prettiest that have to suffer! xxxooo, Scotty

  10. I cannot believe they split these two! They were the BEST in Orlando, and I was so happy when I heard BOTH familiar voices.

    They NEED to put Lissette on in the evenings because all she does is make me want to crawl back in the bed! (Like those newsdroids on Local 10) She cute be she need to eat, maybe she’ll have more pep in the mornings!

  11. Hopefully one day WFOR will regain their glory. Things have not been the same since Angela, Danielle, and Pamela resigned from WFOR to pursue other endeavors. For whatever reason Jorge was not able to emulate the chemistry he had with his former cohorts with Cynthia. I stopped watching WFOR morning news shortly after Cynthia joined Jorge. Management if you are reading the blogs, you need to bring back that magic. People, who are not only witty, but have an amazing sense of humor. WFOR had that with Danielle, Jorge, Pamela and Angela. Hopefully WFOR will be able to find the perfect combination again. Jim and Jade I wish you both all the best in your new seats. MHM I couldn’t agree with more regarding Lissette.

  12. wheres jorge? i get my news from the internet but i started watching 4 and then 33 before work in the morning now i’m back to internet news. who makes these decisions? bad news ratings? I WAS WATCHING!!! i like jim berry too, i liked jorge better tho’. Jim might grow on me but i don’t see how because now i’m listening to judge hatchett and reading the internet


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