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Joel Connable Stays With WTVJ


A TVSpy On The Move says Joel Connable has joined the N.S. Bienstock talent agency and re-signed with WTVJ as an anchor/reporter. So the rummormill was half right I guess.

Now it is wait and see where and if WTVJ moves him to.
Given how bad their ratings are based on a recent TVSpy post, I think at 6 they averaged 2.7(?) ratings points, (my windows Vista ate the file I had with the ratings so I can’t post them) we’ll probably be seeing changes soon.

In the 13 of 20 days ratings average from that post, 4 and 6 were at the bottom, Channel 10 was very strong number one at 6pm followed by WSVN.

Bienstock also represents some familiar anchors and reporters such as Adam Williams who left WSVN for WHDH Boston and is now anchoring the weekday morning newscast there, Jose Diaz-Ballard at Telemundo, CNN’s John Roberts, ABC’s David Muir and others.


  1. Thank God!!! WTVJ made one right choice now it’s time to put Joel on a main newscast. Joel is such a nice guy to everyone here at Channel 6. One thing he does, which us smaller producers love, is he stands up to the mediocre mid level managers. Joel really gets what local news should be about: telling good stories and be able to anchor breaking news well and make people care, I used to fill in produce on weekends and the rating on Saturday and Sunday are higher than weekday reating often. We would get 4’s and 5’s and Joel was anchoring when a Saturday newscast got a 7.8. The lead in only had a 2.3. Go figure. I think Joel should anchor the 6 and 11. Please keep him off that awful 7pm which will probably be cancelled soon. Congrats Joel

  2. Congratulations to Joel! We look forward to watching him each night at 6, 7 & 11 pm. Hopefully the big wigs at NBC6 will make the right choice and promote Joel to main anchor.

  3. I must say he has guts, or maybe a contract with a lot of outs. With the uncertainty in Miramar, mot many would be willing to commit to WTVJ. People with contracts are contacting other local news bosses trying to find a future, and even the bosses are looking to find work elsewhere within NBC. Joel’s challenge will be charting a future without knowing who is at the helm as NBC looks for a buyer.

  4. Please with Local 10 Moving to Broward and CBS4 in Doral WTVJ isn’t going anywhere. Plus they get to many tax breaks from the city of Miramar.

  5. Michael, NBC has put WTVJ up for sale. New owners may not move the facility, but they will certainly make lots of changes. “Uncertainty in Miramar” referred to the near panic some are feeling about ending a 2 decade relationship as an owned and operated NBC station. The comment had nothing to do with moving the physical facility.

  6. I am so sick and tired of these stories about anchors and reporters moving up and how could they suppsedly are for stations. If it wasn’t for great producers, they would be nothing. NBC6 has the most creative producers who write copy that no one else can match in South Florida. The anchors just read it and look pretty and most of them are not good at that. It’s about time producers get paid the hundreds of thousands of dollars that anchors are getting. Show people who really makes the news and why NBC6 is South Florida’s News Leader.

  7. Network bound,
    It is the producers who have turned TV news into a mind numbing experience it is today. It is producers who come up with the stupid sweeps stories, the tricks, the lame teases that never deliver etc. A slick graphic package and fast paced run down can not over poor on air talent telling dumb stories. They call anchors, anchors for a reason. They are the anchors. Producers are not the anchors.

    If you are jealous about the attention TV talent receives as it sound like you are, than perhaps you should change jobs.

    It would be nice if the producers allowed the reporters to report and to actually have some say in the news gathering process. It was the rise of producers like you who think they know it all that turned reporters and anchors into talent and the news readers you now complain about.

    There was a time when producers knew their role.

    No viewer cares about producers. Sorry. They don’t care who you are. They probably couldn’t describe what you actually do if asked. Viewers connect with the anchors and to some degree the reporters as well as the usefulness of the content.

    For you to run down the importance of on air people might explain why your station is in the dump.

    Maybe you are “Networkbound” for MSNBC. I hear they have a lot of producers too and no ratings.

  8. Network and Fins are both a bit out of step. Newscasts wouldn’t exist without producers, as they provide the backbone and story mix which with luck keeps people watching the faces of the anchors on the screen. Great anchors with poor writing equal no viewers. Producers actually write relatively small amounts of copy, and as for teases story order, and the like those are decided by managers like Executive Producers. Many anchors are excellent writers are re-write every word they get from writers and producers.
    To be fair, there are lame show-stacker producers and phone-it-in anchors in every shop, but to label each group as the weak link is wrong. A good newscast takes good teamwork. People may know the faces of the anchors, and may ‘not care’ about producers, but that does not lessen the importance of each role.
    One thing to mention. Both anchors and producers are in trouble in TV news, which is in the biggest transition since CBS News went from 15 to 30 minutes. As people shift to other news sources, the 2-million dollar local anchors are less needed, as they are not attracting viewers to newscasts. Producers who are not good writers and storytellers are also endangered. My prediction is celebrity anchors have maybe 5 years left. The talented journalists among them will have jobs. The arrogant suits (and skirts) among them will not. It’s already started.
    And Network, if you believe the promotion copy of “South Florida’s News Leader” you haven’t followed the ratings trends, which puts 10 on top and 6 grappling for 4th place with 4 (and losing) and you haven’t watched the good people headed for the doors. TVJ has serious issues to fix, well known to Yvette, Ilyas, and their team, and simply repeating slogans won’t mask that.

  9. Whiffleball, You are exactly right.

    Producers are necessary! Cameramen are necessary! Anchors are necessary! But viewers only know what they can see.

    When a producer like this person thinks he or she is the franchise you have to set them straight. Pull any of the people out of the picture and you have problems. Some producers, a small number perhaps, get jealous because they aren’t in the limelight and get mad when the anchor is sitting around all day gabbing on the phone. But anchors also bare the brunt of bad ratings and are the ones that get blamed and ousted long before the producers and reporters do. High risk, high reward.

    I hope TVJ does turn it around. New owners could be the best thing that has ever happened to them.

  10. I am network bound. I have already spoken to people at CNN and ABC News. The simple fact of the matter is what an anchor reads is my writing and NBVC has the best writers around. Our ratings are only reflective of the bad shows on before our newscasts. NBC6 News still rocks and viewers know that unlike sensational 7 and boring 10. We are news leaders and the anchors are not the ones who make us that. The only anchors at WTVJ who deserve credit for making us so good are Tom Llamas, DeMarco Morgan, Tisha Lewis and Gray Hall. They know news and cover it well. Tom should be the main anchor. He will probably get hired as a netowkr correspondent before that happens and I hope to produce for a newscast he is on. I think you are all jealous of good producing. I bet its the news anchors writing this stuff

  11. If you are network bound, it must be to Nickelodeon. DeMarco is a future star; the rest of them can’t even read a script coherently, so you must be caught up in some time warp or something. Tisha and Gray are especially embarrassing. This is supposed to be a top-tier market-6 is a network outpost, supposedly next stop for NY, Chi or LA. Feature-oriented hacks are moving up; other than Maggie Rodriguez, who went bigtime in a legit news way? Megan? Lonnie? They didn’t move up on journalistic credibility. I incorrectly referred to Ardy Diercks as the ND last week, because I got so angry reading about 6. Yvette Miley has no news judgment and has pulled no numbers-adios. Ardy has her own issues-goodbye too. New owners should help. The drecch at 6 is at the top mostly, for bringing in amateurs. Are you the writer Bob Mayer has to correct on-air every day?


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