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Joshua Landon Joins NBC6



A new reporter by the name Joshua Ufot, or Joshua Landon as you will soon know him, has joined WTVJ. He comes from WZVN, ABC7, in Fort Myers where he freelanced. From what I’ve heard, he’s full time at WTVJ, though it’s possible he’s freelanceing again. Unfortunately for him, being new and his reporting skills won’t be the only things people will be talking about. He was arrested on October 24th for an alleged DUI. His hearing on the case is set for December 12th.  That’s his mugshot photo above, taken at 3:30 AM on October 25th.

From News-Press:

“A Collier sheriff’s deputy picked up Landon after he was allegedly seen driving erratically on SR 90 according to the arrest report.”
His last day at the station was five days later. ABC7 managers declined to talk about Landon’s departure, and Landon couldn’t be reached for comment.

So we don’t really know if him leaving ABC7 is related to the DUI. Welcome to NBC6, Josh…

Though we should mention, he has pleaded not guilty, and his case is still pending. The hearing is set for December 12th.

Joshua Landon’s bio from WZVN (Google Cache)


Another new face at NBC6, Joe Carter and his segment Carter’s Clicks. For a station going under, they’re sure hiring like crazy. Basically, Joe Carter’s job is to report on websites that viewers send in via e-mail to joe.carter@nbc.com. Hmm, SFLTV is a website! Maybe he should feature us? He comes from Greenville, SC as a former sports guy. He is even already filling in for anchors on the NBC6 morning show. My thoughts about Carter? I like him, he reads with his own style, and would make a great anchor… one day. Has anyone else seen him in the AM?

Lots of changes at NBC6!

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  1. Didn’t anyone at NBC do a background check befor ehiring him. If he’s convicted, this could be embarassing for the station.

  2. I just wish Joe would wear a different suit other than that black/white pinstripe one he always wears.

  3. Joe seems passionate about being at WTVJ. He’s still somewhat of a rookie, but he’s promising.

  4. Melrose, forget about pinstripes, he should hope he doesn’t have to wear those black and white horizontal stripes they put convicts in.
    Just kidding Josh. You seem to be a nice kid. Good luck.
    Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  5. I’m just saying I find it funny that instead of showing this young man’s (who looks african american) regular headshot u show his mugshot. Where is the Jeff Burnside mug shot. Where’s the Lynn Gordon mugshot. Where’s the Jeff Weinser mug shot. But I’m sure if a Jim Berry mug shot is available that’ll magically popup

  6. I think this web site did post the Jeff Burnside mug shot. Please don’t start a racist rant. It doesn’t compliment anyone. Jeff Wesiner’s mug shot was up here too, as far as I can remember. Why was Lynn Gordon arrested?

  7. I’m not going on a racist rant. I was just observing. I forgot why Lynn got arrested it was on the Herald website. I just found it offputting that they would use his mug shot as his arrival pic maybe put it as a sidebar to his hiring.

    • I must say I agree with E! a little right now. I dont think posting the mugshot was provoked by race, but as a new talent coming to the market, I dont think he should have been introduced with a mugshot.

  8. But here’s the question. There is no headshot of him anywhere as far as I can tell, so why not put up the headshot that headlines the real story behind his hiring. Arrested, not even tried yet and he’s been hired by NBC. Hmmm. You would think that would have put up a red flag wheather he was guilty or not.

  9. wow sad sad sad Alex set up a blog that helps not hinder. How about starving children, stop war, etc… Not a fairly unknown reporter seriously. And you couldnt find another headshot. Really. Or couldn’t just go without a picture… Whatever…


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