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Soft DTV Test for Palm Beach Market


On Monday December 8, Palm Beach stations will run two DTV tests and help viewers figure out if they are ready for the switch to digital TV.

The first test will be at 06:20 in the morning and the second 6:20pm in the evening. WXEL will be the only ones not participating in the second one.

Much like other markets, the DTV test in Palm Beach will last about 2 minutes and those who do not have TVs with either a digital tuner or converter box will see a message informing them on what to do.

Interestingly no mention of WTVX, which also launched a newscast recently.

WFLX’s marketing director Beth Horowitz told the paper stations may do more tests in the following weeks and that around 3.1% of Palm Beach viewers rely exclusively on broadcast TV.

Palm Beach Post:  Soft tests set for digital TV switch

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  1. Per Glenn Garvin’s blog at The Herald, “Changing Channels,” they’ll be doing this test this coming Monday in the Miami-FtL market too. Well-publicized, planned and executed as usual, I’m sure.

  2. Wonder which station will be selling time to sponsor the test. Sounds like something Boylan couldn’t miss, though NBC^ will probably send everyone to their website for more details. And to think I once thought O&O stations would mean higher quality on-air talent? Jeez…


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