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KTRK News Chopper Crashes


Houston ABC affiliate KTRK lost their chopper in a crash early today which killed the pilot and photographer on board.

The last image sent from the chopper’s gyro camera show its skids as the chopper makes a hard right turn. Witnesses on the ground say they saw it dive hard down into the ground.

Video and story from KTRK

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  1. What caused the crash?

    These news choppers really amaze me. It takes a great pilot to fly for a news station. One of the first things i remember learning in flight training was “If you see one news chopper, get out of the area as fast as possible. One usually means that you’ll see more, and they’re like a pack of savage animals with there prey in site.” It made me laugh, but it’s so true. It’s just amazing to me that more don’t crash. Again, amazing pilots.

    My heart goes out the the.. uh… drivers?….. pilot and flight crew, and there families.


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