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More Age Discrimination Claims Against Sunbeam TV


Former WHDH reporter Michael Macklin claims WHDH gave him the boot because of his age. Macklin, 56, alleges that while working at WHDH the news director began cutting his work load while at the same time she hired several younger reporters. When questioned ND’s response allegedly was “she didn’t think he was aggressive enough and that he missed elements of stories that other stations did not”.

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Former WSVN health reporter Marylin Mitzel who was fired abruptly from WSVN in 2005 also alleged age discrimination by the station suits. She alerted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which investigated her complaint but dismissed it because they were “unable to conclued that the information obtained establishes violations of the statues”

Sunbeam TV owns and operates both WHDH and WSVN

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  1. Don’t feel bad for Macklin, he was a freelance reporter up here and he was actually offered a full-time position which he gave up. They had every right to fire him, whether or not I believe in the direction 7 is heading up here (check out the new morning team which completly changed within a year, nobody under 30 is on it. Adam Williams who I believe came up here from Miami is the new morning anchor).

  2. Folks,

    Marylin had an accident in which she needed facial reconstruction.
    Give her a break. Lynn on the other hand….


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