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Morning Newscast on WSFL in 2009


Sun Sentinel TV critic Tom Jicha has more details on Tribune’s plans for a WSFL morning newscast.

The newscast will launch in early 2009 and run from 5am to 9am. It will be “fast-paced, personality-driven, nontraditional news and information format”.

Emphasis will be placed on local content most of provided by the Sun Sentinel with editors and reporters working at the paper possibly appearing on TV.

The newscast is still in the planning stages so not many details.
WSFL is entering a crowded market though. Nearly every station in town has a morning newscast and they are for the most part similar in content when it comes to news just wrapped up in a different package. So it will be interesting to see what’s going to be so different about WSFL’s new show.

Tribune will have to work hard to change people’s viewing habits or at least make them click the remote and check out the new product. Not to mention keep them.

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  1. HA! good one, tribune is more interested in newspapers than TV
    They folded wslf into the sun sentinel, traded a station for a bunch of cubicles

  2. I really look forward to see how this will turn out. Less crappy syndicated programming, more local news, new talent, fresh news station. This is big for South Florida. I look forward to it.

  3. No one will watch. It’ll look like college TV, trust me. They should put the resources into new media instead of yet another declining media business.

  4. techno935
    clearly someone who hasn’t seen sun sentinel production.
    promo’s with pacman like graphics?!?!!

    and now we are supose to watch newspaper writers on tv.
    just don’t eat breakfest while watching

  5. That’s all we need, another amateur TV newscast in Miami.

    Let me guess. It will be a combination of old, newspaper people who hate TV news and are clinging to past and underpaid, recent college grads whose resumes will include beauty pageant experience.

    Didn’t the Sentinel used to do TV news with Ch4 &6? What happened to that? That must of been a real winning idea.

    Local TV news viewers are evaporating daily (just ask Ch4) and so are print newspaper readers (does anyone actually buy a paper anymore?). Why in god’s name would they combine two declining local news mediums? I guess suicide is contagious.


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