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NBC Makes You Feel Important


Congratulations! NBC has selected you… yes YOU to be a NBC Universal Panel Member! Before you tell me to “stfu” and to “get out of town”, you might be interested in knowing that everyone can be on this prestige panel.  So, Panel Member (insert your name here), what are your new responsibilities? Answer about 20 questions about your TV viewing habits and Internet usage, give them your e-mail address, and bam, that’s it! Now you may bask in your new title as panel member, and brag to all of your friends. Make sure to let the police officer know when you get pulled over that, “I don’t know if this will get me out of anything but i am, after all, an NBC panel member.” Have fun!

-Panel member Alex

In all seriousness, this is a local media poll NBC O&O stations put up on their sites. NBC has national polls as well for news and other shows. Here’s another one to help you with that poll “street cred”

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  1. Someone else that NBC is doing locally is that they are trying to become the sponsors of a local theme park in Sunrise called Wannado City. There’s a TV studio there currently under the sponsorship of Time Warner Entertainment, and NBC is trying to take over that venue. Apparently, the process is taking so long because NBC got new head honchos, so well see what happens with that.


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