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WSFL’s CW News at 10 Comes to an End


The CW news at 10 ended tonight at 10:30PM. I’m working on getting video, but it was rather funny seeing how “upset” everyone was over it. The CW news at 10 was always more of a chore then anything. The ratings and graphics suck, but still beat the “My 33 News @ 10.”  There was really no mention of the CW news ending, until that last segment.

My favorite, Joel Connable ended it by saying:

“Before we go tonight, we have some news that has to do with us. This is the last newscast that you’ll see us anchoring and producing on the CW news at 10 o’clock. Thank you for welcoming us into your home for the past several years, and remember though for all your news and information you need, we’re just a few channels away on NBC6, we of course, will see you there.”

Makes me a tad upset to think that he may be saying that exact same line in about a year if the Post Newsweek deal goes through. But anyways, during the whole “goodbye” speech Joe Rose kept making witty comments about “how upset he is and never saw this coming”, and just wants to do “a couple more shows just for the practice.”  Joel also poked fun about how he had to announce 20 times in a row that Rihanna’s song, “Umbrella” was number one.

So Joel, John, and Joe, this is for you:

See you on NBC6!

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  1. I have it saved on my DVR, i just have to work on the transfer. Kinda hoping that someone else will upload it before me, so i could just be lazy. 😛

  2. Haha, I just recently moved to NYC for college so I couldn’t watch… I haven’t seen CW News at 10 in a while… but I used to watch WB39 News at 10 with Julia Yarbough and Martha Sugalski all the time when I was younger!


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