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Paul Deanno on MSNBC


WTVJ’s chief meteorologist Paul Deanno is on all night with MSNBC. Their using him as someone that “has more hurricane experience then anyone ever should.” There is no NBC6 branding when they show him, just a blue(ish) background. He is doing a great job. Good luck tonight, Paul! I’ll have some coffee with you, it’ll be a long night.

/Thanks Anon, for the tip!/

Update: Okay, so apparently Paul is actually in New York in the MSNBC studios. He flew up today and is there till Tuesday. He is actually doing the weather on a “catwalk” about 15 feet over the anchor’s right shoulder. Who knew?

Update 9/01/08 @ 6:30 PM: They just ran a promo for “continuing Hurricane Gustav coverage” and it featured a video of Paul with NBC6 branding.

They’re also introducing him as “Paul Deano, of WTVJ and NBC Weather Plus” which apprently a NBC o&o thing. He flies back today, and MSNBC ended live round-the-clock coverage at 2AM last night.

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  1. i like paul a lot and i’m glad he is getting this opportunity, but come on. “more hurricane experience than anyone ever should”? he has yet to ride out a real hurricane at WTVJ. not guessing he got a lot of hurricane experience in philadelphia. and if he is that important, shouldn’t he be in south florida keeping us up to date on hanna?

  2. It was nice to see Paul on MSNBC. But, we had a major problem when he was scheduled to work on Monday and, at the last minute, managers realized, oh where is he. They forgot he was in New York. Hmmm

  3. With the possible demise of NBC6 news, hopefully Paul will be seen on MSNBC. He is always professional and easy to understand, great presence. If indeed the news group from NBC6 does disappear, hopefully we will see Kelly Craig on another local station. I remember when she was originally brought in as main anchor with Tony Segreto and then something happened that she was sidelined.

  4. Well, I’m not sure if every NBC meteorologist gets this title, but when they introduce him it’s “Paul Deano, of WTVJ and NBC Weather Plus.” Humm.

  5. Humm nothing..
    Paul, as is the rest of the NBC6 Weather Department, part of the Weather Plus team as well as a WTVJ meteorologist. All of the NBC O&O meteorologists would be introduced that way when appearing as a fill-in on an NBC entity.

  6. I was watching some of the coverage and it seems no one has a clue in regards to two things. The guy anchoring the show on MSNBC kepot saying Gustav hit Cuba as a Category 5 Hurricane. Gustav hit Cuba with 145 mph winds. It’s top winds hit 150 before weakening. Gustav was never a Category 5 Hurricane.

    Deanno kept saying that Wilma hit South Florida as a Category 1 Hurricane. I’ve lived through Category 1 Hurricanes (hell, Katrina’s eye made landfall right where I live) and all we’ve ever gotten was a little wind and rain and in Katrina’s case, no power for 8 hours. With Wilma, I haven’t seen this much destruction since Andrew (although Andrew was far worse). With Wilma, no power for 2 weeks! Also, where I live, huge concrete power poles were leaning from the winds. I’ve never seen Category 1 winds do that. Category 1 Hurricane my @$$!


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