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New Look for CBS4 News


WFOR has new graphics to go with Antonio Mora’s debut.

* open is the same as before. The lower thirds and full screen graphics are huge with white and dark blue color.
* looks like they shrank the bug and made the bottom flip showing the time/temp and CBS4 internet address
* the live bug in the top left corner has a huge CBS logo

check the changes out cbs4.com video

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  1. And the typefaces look all Times New Roman-ish, also I do agree with the lower third being huge, takes up literally — a third of the screen. Not digging this new look at all.
    BTW it debuted on the noon newscast

  2. I’m not exactly sure what to say about those graphics other than we can expect them to be yet another failed attempt at reinventing the station. There was a reason the look before these two most recent lasted for years–it worked. Neither this look, nor font says ‘Miami’ to me. And if they really are keeping the opens, they really don’t match!

  3. better than what they had… but still looks very cheap. why they didn’t take a page from wcbs, kcbs, wbz, or one of the other owned stations is a mystery to me…

  4. Eeeww.. Worst hurried up and indeed cheap graphics I’ve ever seen! Looks like low budget graphics you see from on a small market station. It makes the cbs4 logo look out of place.

  5. I’m in contact with an employee @ CBS 4. This is only temporary. HD will be on it’s way later this year. Bugs have yet to be worked out. Although, I wish they would get rid of the grey “square screen” blocks viewable on HDTVs and do what NBC 6 is doing. Make a nice logo in the “square screen” blocks.

  6. What were they thinking?? The old graphics were much better than what they have now.
    The new graphics look cheap, and I don’t need a logo that highlights itself every second.

  7. Using the Times font hands down makes it looked rushed. Next thing you know, WFOR will be transformed into what a typical CBS O&O looks (and sounds) like…


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