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Pope in US: Local Coverage


WFOR: Doesn’t appear that they’ve sent any local reporters to follow the Pope. Online on CBS4.com has a special section on the Papal Visit featuring photo slideshows and video reports

WTVJ: Reporter Tom Llamas will be following the Pope’s visit for WTVJ with reports during newscasts. He is also blogging. NBC6.net also have a special section dedicated to the Pontiff’s visit with images and videos. Also a BlogBurst feed from

WSVN: Channel 7 has been hyping their Papal visit coverage for several days now. Dave Kartunen will be filing reports during 7News from DC and New York. WSVN.com no special section dedicated to the Pope’s visit but there are front page reports with video. Right side column features an Associated Press video feed that will also be live during scheduled events

WPLG: They too have not sent a dedicated reporter to cover the Pope. Local10.com has a similar section dedicated to the Pope’s visit with video and image highlights and reports.

It doesn’t appear that any of the Palm Beach stations have sent their own reporters and they aren’t doing that much online either. The Pope’s visit isn’t even on the front page of the station’s web sites as of this post.

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  1. Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is apparently going around the clock if someone is that interested. Sadly, it looks liek Mother Angelica will be pre-empted for much of the trip. Another example of sexism in Holy Mother Church? Perhaps. BTW, EWTN is Comcast ch.243in most of South Florida. Again, only if you care.

  2. I live in West Palm Beach and it is unbelievable that all the stations barely covered the Pope’s arrival. If somebody hadn’t known previously that the Pope was coming to the US then they sure weren’t going to find out from WPEC, WPTV, or WPBF…unreal..

  3. Well, I will be in New York this weekend, not for the Pope, but I will be there. So, expect updates from me! (:

  4. Well, today is my last day in New York, and a lot has happened. Yesterday, we thought we should stop by St. Patrick’s Cathedral and see if we can catch a glimpse of the Pope. Instead, we caught a glimpse of the police telling us to get off of 5th Avenue. We walked on over to Rockefeller Ctr, and saw a Today Show set right on 5th Avenue, reporting on the Pope. Also, in Yonkers yesterday, Kelly Clarkson was in concert getting the crowds pumped for the Pope. (Hey, that was a run on words…kinda) I wasn’t able to be there, but caught the entire thing on TV. NY 1 was the station to be broadcasting the entire thing live from beginning to end, they barely ever had commercial breaks, and they would begin broadcasting at like 4 A.M. and wouldn’t stop ’till about 11 P.M. Today, the Pope is at Ground Zero greeting the families of those who died in 9/11, and he is to celebrate Mass at Yankee Stadium. Also, I was in the Audience on Friday for Live with Regis and Kelly, and if you caught it, you would’ve found out that there was a shortage of Pope memorabilia (if that’s how that’s spelled). During my entire stay, the entire East side has been gridlocked, and blocked off. Traffic was horrendous. On a brighter note.I was able to take a picture with Kelly Ripa and with Today’s Hoda Kotb. (Sounds like a Star Wars name) Anywho, the trip has been amazing, and it’s been fun tracking down what the hell the Pope is doing around New York!

    SFLTV Correspondant


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