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Rumor: Vanessa Ruiz to Leave WSVN


Two insiders say 7’s Vanessa Ruiz is leaving WSVN in two weeks. She has a year left to complete her college degree so she’s decided to go back and finish.

update: confirmed. A rumor floating around is that she’s leaving because 7 didn’t renew her contract but that’s probably just a “dirty rumor” according to the tipster.

Someone else who left a message quoted the email sent to everyone at 7, which I presume is authentic, and it sounded like she just made up her mind to finish that last year of school left.

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  1. Nice looking lady, but i will not miss the annoying Miami accent she has. I hope she works on it especially if she want to work outside miami.

  2. She was great, and I predict a real Miami station will hire her when she finishes school. Miami accent? Are you kidding?

  3. Don’t hate because she’s professional AND good looking…she’s home grown and speaks like 80% of the other people born and raised in Miami…not in “an annoying Miami voice”….
    Good luck Vanessa! We will miss you!

  4. What happened to the days you were required to have a journalism degree before you even thought about entering the market?

  5. She was cute, but I found it funny how she changed how she pronounced her last name. When she first started she pronounced it Vanessa ROO-iz; after some time it became Vanessa Roo-EEz (i.e. the proper pronounciation in spanish). I always wondered why she did that; to me, it seemed like she wanted her name to sound more american than hispanic and finally gave up on it.

  6. This board has such a channel 7 slant. Good luck to Vanessa, she worked hard but it was obvious she needed more experience in the market. Her accent, her voice and her inflection. She is gorgeous and has the tools, she just needs to fine tune them. I impressed she is going back to get her college degree and astonded tv stations hire reporters WITHOUT them.

  7. Hate to point this out, but neither Matt Lauer nor Brian Williams had degrees until they were well into their careers. I would also point out that George Bush has a Yale degree. Fair enough?

  8. A college degree enhances ones thought process; it gives tools to evaluate and more readily determine what’s valuable and not. It shocks me when stations hire people without degrees too…doesn’t matter how talented one is when she gets sued because of a misunderstanding a quick college media law class would have helped to clarify.

  9. I know for a fact they wanted her to stay and renew her contract but she wanted to finish school.
    She is from Miami, so it’s normal she speaks with a “Miami” accent. She was a great reporter and will be missed.
    Don’t pay attention to the jealous ones Vanessa…Good luck in school and hope to see you soon back on the air!

  10. I’ve actually met Vanessa Ruiz and she appears much younger in person than on television. I work for one of the major mobile communications companies and she came to upgrade her phone (to a device geared towards a much younger generation, might I add) and she seemed like someone who was still in college. She’s very nice but was a bit “snappy” with one of my reps. Needless to say, she’s also quite attractive so I’m sure she’ll be back 7 soon enough if they didn’t actually terminate her contract.

  11. It’s amazing how quick people are to judge here…I know she is a hard-working reporter who always wanted to finish what she left aside because she dedicated herself to the business. I think it’s admirable that she is taking this step to fulfil her goal…And I am sure whatever she does, she will do it well!


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