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The Best of Miami 2008


The Miami New Times annual ‘Best of Miami’ is out. Their best of media picks below

Best Sportscaster: Steve Shapiro WSVN; Reader’s Choice: Dan LeBatard 790 AM
Best TV News Anchor: Dwight Lauderdale WPLG; Reader’s Choice: Belkys Nerey WSVN
Best TV News Reporter: Jeff Weinsier WPLG (can you guess why?)
Best AM Radio Personality: Mike Andrews WKAT-AM 1360
Best FM Radio Personality: DJ Khaled 99Jamz WEDR-FM
Best Radio Station: Hot 97.7 FM; Reader’s Choice: 93 Rock
Best Miami Herald Columnist: Fred Grimm; also named Best Miami Herald Writer in 2002
Best Miami Herald Reporter: Jay Weaver
Best Neighborhood Newspaper: Calle Ocho News
Best Local Website: Crappers Quarterly
Best Blog: Eye on Miami

You can see everything Best of Miami 2008 here

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  1. So im not alone with actually liking Belkys. lol This website seems to be where the anti-belkys gather.
    and why was Weinser best reporter? His little segments?

  2. Belkys should not be considered a news anchor. She is a joke. What makes her so good? A great news anchor is someone who can cover breaking news, makes you laugh and makes you care. She just reads the TelePrompter. Jeff does an okay job, but his whiny voice and self promotion is nauseating. He was carrying a gun while covering a story at a school. Jesus! I don’t care if he had a permit.

  3. based upon some of the winners it just shows that the times has no credibility and or the voters dont have a clue probaly a little of both it used to be whoever advertised the most got the prize and by some of the winners this year it holds true .do put too much stock of the winners

  4. What is a joke is WTVJ. LOL

    That’s right Belkys I voted for you and you deserve it. Keep serving it up to all those haters out there. As for your comment Belkys always makes us WSVN viewers laugh. Ms. Nerey has also reported the death of the Pope a few years ago get your facts right WTVJ. Don’t hate Belkys Applaud her.

    Sexy Reed Cowan needs an award for being so sexy 🙂


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