Home graphics WHDH in High Definition

WHDH in High Definition


WHDH finally fliped the HD switched at Noon today.
This is a pretty good preview of what to expect from WSVN whenever they get around

/hat tip Andy from Boston/

more video, the embeding feature and player have not been officially released so you might have to try and play the video more than once.

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updated news desk

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  1. Slick graphics, but then again, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Sunbeam, eh? Unknown if WSVN will do the same thing with the Fox logo, but I’d like to see how they do these graphics, providing they use ones similar to these. And I’d like to see an update in the music too, whether they adopt WHDH’s theme or have Chris Crane do an entirely new one are both ideas that are probably up in the air.

  2. I’m thinking the open might be similar I dont know for a fact
    I don’t think there will be a FOX logo in the WSVN open 🙂

    Chris Crane is doing a new theme for WSVN

  3. Those are some hot graphics.

    Though it sounds, while brief, the Developing Story music is the same. Anybody else notice that?

  4. Freaking awesome! Just makes me hate stretched, fuzzy SD even that much more.

    My only fear when WSVN-DT goes local HD (and I’m serious here) is watching Belkys in HD. She’s pretty scary in distorted SD, let alone HD.

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love the new package and I think the HDH theme is one of the best ones out there! Really goes great together! Here’s hoping SVN can top it!

  6. i cant help but think of espn’s sportscenter graphics when i watch the open…the cylindrical, ball zooming through thing was clearly inspired…


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