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WPBT’s uVu


WPBT Channel 2 has ventured into the video sharing realm with a brand new site called uVu (You View).

But you won’t see any farting cats, cursing parrots or the other fare typical of the mainstream sites, uVu’s twist is all about local art, culture, education and events. Anyone can upload their own video and organizations such as the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade College and others are also participating by adding content.

Naturally the uVu also includes PBS programs as well, including Frontline, Nova, Bill Moyers Journal.

WPBT’s digital channel also broadcasts a program called uVu TV which highlights the most watched clips from the website and a shorter podcast-like version for the web called uVuPulse.

All in all the site is pretty good, unfortunately does not have video embedding available and the videos are in Quicktime format, which the Mac fans will probably appreciate.

One of my favorites so far – The 4-part series ‘The Future of Television

uVu – An online video portal for the South Florida community powered by WPBT Channel 2

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