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WPEC’s Chopper Crash Lands


Sky12 WPEC’s chopper has crash landed in Boynton Beach just before 06:20 in the morning.

Early reports say the chopper lost power and landed on its belly near Boynton Beach boulevard.

The chopper’s tail broke off and one of the landing skids was damaged during the landing but thankfully neither the pilot nor reporter were seriously injured. Both were taken to Bethesda Memorial to minor injuries.

Video: WPTV’s chopper pilot capt. Julie Stevens reports on the crash after it happened

Video: WPEC’s report on the crash

Video: WPTV’s report on WPEC CBS12’s chopper crash during the noon newscast

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  1. LOL During Today In Florida, while Stephen J Gray was in 7 Skyforce, he was talking about Paul Cavanaugh who was in Sky12. And before anything the first thing he said during the report was that Paul is a good cook.

  2. Yeah, I heard about this yesterday, good to know that both Paul and the pilot, Takayuki Tanaka, are okay. Apparently the chopper barely escaped dozens of power lines, which could have been disastrous.

    I have also heard that the chopper’s camera was broken during their hard landing? Perhaps they can upgrade to a new HD one…they still have to do the same for their field cameras and also their weather graphics (with the exception of the ones used for WeatherBug). It will all come in due time, I suppose…


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