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WSVN HD: Almost Upgraded; HD by May sweeps?


An insider was kind enough to send some new details on WSVN’s progress to HD.

According to this tipster WSVN’s control room is now completely HD-ready. They have just finished installing plasma displays replacing the monitors they had before. The HD studio cameras are almost ready as well, the control system is being finished. Some layoffs are expected in the next couple of weeks unfortunately as the new cameras are going to be automated.

New weather computers are being installed, and newsplex changes are being finalized – look for more flat screen TVs around the plex.

The tipster guesses WSVN might be in HD before May or early April. May sweeps begin exactly 30 days from today.

I noticed recently the latest promos have been re-shot and are 16:9 HD using the graphics from the promo that debuted during superbowl. So they’re definitely speeding ahead, hopefully the graphics team won’t be rushed too much

update 8:37pm: ok so the saga continues. another insider jumped in to clarify some things – WSVN will probably not be HD until around August because “they have ways to go”. And the 3 people being let go knew their jobs were only temporary.

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  1. Hope the tipster’s right. I am _really_ sick of seeing stretched, wide, fuzzy heads on that station. That said, I’m not sure what will be worse: Wide-headed fuzzy Belkys or Hi-Def Belkys.

  2. LOL

    Belkys will be serving it up to the south Florida market as only she can do.

    Show all those wannabee Female anchors how to work the news desk.

  3. hmm…not so sure about that update…i heard the same as the original post…hd by may, although the field equipment wont’t be ready until next year (budgetary reasons…) i dont know about the layoffs, though…

  4. most of the studio cameras are now HD…you can see the difference in the quality of the shots…its much crisper though not yet 16:9

  5. I haven’t seen any difference 7’s quality on my HDTV. Their SD digital picture still looks as bad as it always has, especially with stretch-o-vision.

  6. hey joe…you have to look closely…the image is still stretched as the signal itself is not in HD but the studio cameras are. you can see much more detail in things such as the anchors’ hair…also, with the new cameras the monitors in the background come across much more vividly…

    so to wrap it all up…the signal aint HD yet, but the cameras are.

  7. insider, if their SD pic is indeed better due to new cams (which I still don’t see), it implies that their old cams were pretty lousy.

    Ideally, the limiting factor in picture quality should be the fact that it’s SD, not the camera itself. If a SD pic looks better after a camera change, then the original cameras had to have been pretty cheesy.

  8. last night on Deco Drive Louis Aurgirre was talking about going HD and he mentioned that they are going HD in April.

  9. Joe: the old cameras were indeed VERY old…half of them were hand-me-downs from that old Boston station (wlvi) that sunbeam bought over a year ago…

  10. I will take another look tomorrow. I just wish they’d stop stretching the damn picture.

    I’m generally watching 6’s news these days anyway – local HD is absolutely gorgeous.


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