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WTPV Voice Over Guy Dies


Chris Clausen WPTV voice over, and also the voice over to WSVN’s segment sponsor passed away yesterday after suffering a stroke last week.

Clausen was the voice over for many stations across the country including WFTV in Orlando, stations in Memphis, St. Louis and others. He was 63

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  1. WTF?! (Sorry, that was my initial reaction…)

    Wow. Chris’ passing is the biggest thing to happen in the voiceover industry since Ernie Anderson died in 1997. RIP man, you were great.

    (Oh, and by the way, admin, you spelled WPTV wrong.)

  2. MockTV can also add ex-NBC vo Danny Dark who passed away in 2004. BTW, the secondary WSVN vo is Roger Thompson. However, Clausen was secondary at WHDH in Boston, but was also primary to that station until 1993 when Sunbeam bought the station. Clausen was also the voice of WXNE (now WFXT Fox 25) from the early to mid-80s.

    RIP Chris Clausen 1945-2008.

  3. I am a big fan of Chris’s work, so this is a huge shock. I especially love his work with WPTV, WFTV, WGAL (I live in Lancaster, PA,) and WUSA. He is a great announcer, and he will be missed.

  4. I too was a big fan of Chris Clausen. Sadly I didn’t even know his name until maybe a year ago. He was also the voice for WPEC during the time when they switched from ABC to CBS nearly 20 years ago. I am originally from South Florida but have lived in Georgia since the mid 1990’s and heard his voice on WTVM then later WRBL in Columbus. And both WAGA Fox Atlanta and WALB NBC 10 in Albany featured his obituary. Mr Clausen was the voice of those stations for well over a decade.

    This definitely is a great loss to the broadcasting industry. We hear these great booming voices all over the country and know little about the person or just how busy they really were with their talent.

  5. Well, as for who’s going to replace Chris on WPTV, I wouldn’t mind Chris Corley from WFTS in Tampa, WPTV’s sister Scripps Howard station.

  6. I worked with Chris at WLYN. He pushed me as his replacement on “Music ‘til Dawn” on CBS/WEEI in Boston which resulted in a great deal of work there. We lost touch for many years until one day when I was anchoring at WTNH-TV New Haven/Hartford he called out of the blue to tell me how happy he was that I was “still doin it” ( still on the air). A great friend and mentor. I was shocked and still upset about his passing.
    Mark Davis


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