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WTVJ Reporter Arrested for DUI



WTVJ reporter Jeff Burnside was pulled over by Miami Beach police on Washington Avenue on Miami Beach at 5:40am on December 30 because he drove with the headlights off.

Burnside, 50, “did not perform to standards” of a field sobriety test, and was arrested and taken to the Miami Beach police department, according to the report.

Local10.com – TV Reporter Charged with DUI

NBC6.net – WTVJ Reporter Arrested on DUI Charge

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  1. Ok, I know its easy to say this now, but I swear to God I watched him do a report on the 6 PM news last night about the 11 year old who was shot while hiding behind the couch and I was thinking “What the hell is wrong with him?” He looked disheveled, hair a mess, definitely looked like something was up. Then he was on again at 11, and looked a little better, he’d put his jacket on. Makes me wonder if he was in the tank on the air

  2. Irresponsible, selfish, arrogant idiot. That’s what drunk drivers are and there are no exceptions. Talented guy but wtf was he thinking?

  3. Is it possible he was targeted? We are still in America where we are innocent until proven guilty. Let’s wait to get the whole story… If it was DUI then I agree with you Char, but it wouldn’t be the first time media personnel were targeted and retaliated against by South Florida police departments.

  4. NBC6 link said he failed a breath test.

    Maybe he was stopped because of who he was. Investigative reporters annoy cops more than most but if he failed a breath test then likelihood is that he’s guilty and deserves what he gets. Pure stupidity.

    Somebody needs to do an investigative story into news reporters and anchors who think they are above the law and it’s ok for them to get behind the wheel after drinking. So many do it. Pathetic. What’s wrong with them? Don’t drink at all if you’re going to drive. It’s not difficult to do.


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