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No Live Shots on 7 at 11 Anymore?


LMB clarifies in comments: overtime hours will be trimmed. Managers were told to scale back as much as possible without affecting the newscasts. Live shots will have to be justified not just do live for the sake of being live.

At least everyone’s keeping their jobs

Tipsters are telling us WSVN has dropped live shots from their 11pm show in order to save money. Reporters were told to only tape look lives (that’s often how you see overnight stories reported on Today in Florida with a reporter from the previous night’s 10pm newscast) and do live shots only for breaking news.

The 11pm newscast on 7 has been a cash cow for the station, ever since it started around the time of the OJ Trial as a recap of the 10pm stories, even though it’s often 3rd in the ratings.

The economy bites even at the usually resilient WSVN.

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  1. This is not completely true. They can still do live shots at 11pm, it needs to be justified as a story that is still developing and being live will help progress the story. Not just live for the sake of live.

    Most were notified that OT hours are going to be trimmed. It was made clear that the economy is taking a big toll on the station. All managers were told to scale back as much as possible without affecting the on-air product.

    Most of us are smart enough to realize that we are lucky to have jobs at this point. We work at the only station in the market that has not yet gone thru layoffs. Much has been said about WSVN being a bad shop to work at; today nothing could be farther from the truth. Thank you Mr. Ansin!!!

  2. How can they lay off people. Make some part timers, BUT, have them work a regular work week. Oh, and don’t give them benefits. And let’s see the Publix stock person makes more than some of us…. Yes! thanks Mr. Ansin!


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