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A note from the SFLTV.com staff…


Hi there.

Since we seem to be getting a few daily Meebo messages about this topic, I figured I should clear this little rumor up.

We haven’t been sued. In fact, we haven’t even been contacted by an attorney. We most certainly have not settled a lawsuit… and more importantly, no (and this is unfortunate for some), are not shutting down.

We hope this clears things up for some who seem to think that the above is a reality.

-SFLTV.com staff

PS: We invite everyone to re-read our disclaimer here.


  1. Ou interim news director says NBC is shutting this site down. We also heard that from our morning executive producer.

  2. they can say whatever they want to.
    we haven’t been served or notified or anything they may have issues with. There’s never been a contact from them to inform us what issues exactly they have with the web site. Nor have I been notified that we are being sued.

    If this is about the comments people leave our disclaimer states it, and WaPo’s former legal counsel who created a legal guide for citizen journalists states it, we cannot be held responsible for things people say in comments. We are immune almost 100%. That is an established law and plenty of cases to support it.

    We aren’t doing anything different than what NewsBlues (which were banned in some newsrooms at one point), FTVLIve and TVNewser do. And Joan Fleishman too, even though she gets a single column in the Miami Herald, and she writes about a lot more dirt I would rather not publish. Would they shut her down too?

  3. Gee, there’s a shock, someone in management at 6 has their facts wrong. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Doesn’t your interim news director have a 6 pm newscast to screw up?

  4. This has to stop. I am one of the managers at NBC6 and you are the ones with the facts wrong. This is why this site will be closed very soon by court order. NBC6 ratings are up considerable. We are beating 4 and 10 at 6pm because of good managemnet decisions. NBC is beginning to once again be the news leader in Miami. Telemundo is aso number one and, now that NBC has gotten rid of its dead weight, we can win. We have young, vibrant, amazing producers and journalists who know this town better than anyone else and they are telling South Florida’s story. All posts on this site are being monitored by our management and, if we discover that NBC employees are posting here, action will be taken.

    • Listen I will assume you are who you say you are. Therefore, you mouth-breathing moron, I have lived here my whole life and WTVJ has never looked worse. Try to tell me Claudia DoCampo and Gray Hall know this area? Other than the morning show, you have nothing. You have a hack ex-jock barking sports and an ex-beauty queen/cheerleader as your lead anchor. Stupid is as stupid does, and your lawyers would be better used trying to figure out how to s-can Zucker. Shut up, clown. Monitor this!

  5. Ms. Thang, is there a teleprompter in Miramar at all? Or do your anchors just ignore it when they’re standing too far apart at the beginning of the newscast and blatantly reading their scripts? I understand that they have lines to read, but COME ON… This isn’t a live shot, it’s the first segment of a full newscast.

    Also, why does your weather guy in that Youtube HD montage video keep touching/putting his hand on the chroma? It gets very annoying.

  6. what has to stop exactly? Enlighten us please.
    We have yet to know what exactly your problem is.
    this site or the people commenting?

    You write here yet we have not seen anything from you specifying what exactly your problem is? POINT IT OUT

    You mention facts, what facts? Facts about who and what? Spell it out

    If you’re even who you say you are….

  7. “now that NBC has gotten rid of its dead weight”

    If I recall, Yvette Miley, Jeff Zucker, and Vicky Burns are still with the company… A WINNING combo if you ask me xD

  8. ‘Ms. Thang’ can’t even put a coherent post together. Spelling, grammar, composition is all in the toilet.

    admin/Alex, just trace the poster’s IP and see if it even comes close to being legit.

  9. Ms Thang must subscribe to a new ratings system that none of us have ever heard of cause the major ones say WTVJ’s 6pm news and 11pm shows ratings are in the toilet.

  10. “we’re only not in first place because they don’t measure households with more than one television.” -Quote from the movie Anchorman


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