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Former WTVJ Meteorologist on GMA

Photo Via: KOMO.com
Photo Via: KOMO.com

Former WTVJ Chief Meteorologist Paul Deanno, (who left WTVJ this year for KOMO, the ABC affiliate in Seattle) will be filling in on the ABC morning show Good Morning America this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday live in New York. He will be filling in for Sam Champion.




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  1. enough about him and KOMO. He is long gone, ditched us here in SOFla, isnt looking or coming back! Let’s not talk about him anymore. You all mention him and KOMO more than you mention those West Palm Beach Stations and they ARE in South Florida.

    • If you don’t like the mentions of him, skip it. I don’t read every story that is posted on this site, but I usually do read all the titles, if I dont like a title I skip it, and I certainly do not comment on it. Now Alex and Admin have to gear this site to everyone, and they cannot choose to skip stories just because a small segment of the audience does not want to see them. If you want more Palm Beach Stories, that is a legitimate concern, but dont go giving orders to the bloggers saying “NO MORE THIS”!

      Let me put it to you this way, I don’t live in Palm Beach and could care less about what the hell is going on up there, but Im not gonna tell admin and/or Alex not to report on those (or complain if they do). And if I did say that, how would it make you feel?

    • They didn’t let him go and I dont recall WTVJs having #1 ratings while he was there at anytime, so couldnt have been that great. I could take him or leave him.

      • By letting go I meant they weren’t able to hang on to him.
        WTVJ’s prblems were way before Paul came around, meteorologist are hardly ever the reason ratings go up or down. It was my personal opinion he was a great meteorologist, I thought I was allowed to state them here.

  2. Paul was vert good at what he did, but he wasn’t liked. He was cocky. They pushed him out to get someone who was less of a problem. I poduced for him and he was very obnoxious and thought nothing stinked around him.

  3. Let me see, they lost Norcross, they lost Roland Steadham, they lost Deanno…maybe Mr. TV Producer can’t see the forest for the trees. Hope you’re happy with your new chief. Is he nicer to you? Believe me, when a hurricane is bearing down on my area, I could give a crap if the on-air talent hurts the producer’s feelings. Grow up. You can stay home. I won’t be watching your new guy. One bad storm and everyone in this market will figure out that 4 has the horses to handle it, with 10 a bit behind and everyone else scratching their heads.

  4. Yup. Actually 6 is still pretty good at weather except for their chief. John Gerard’s primary sin is knowing his topic very well.


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