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SFLTV TalkBack: Local News Websites


Which Miami/Ft. Lauderdale TV news website would you rate as the overall best? Take into account the frequency of updates, local interactivity, local coverage, and visual appearance. Who do YOU get your local ONLINE news from?

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  1. The question actually says ‘Miami/Ft. Lauderdale’, not ‘South Florida’.

    That said, all of the TV station web sites are pretty bad. Newspaper sites aren’t much better.

    • I am aware this time they added that, but this website is about South Florida TV and I recall Palm Beach County being apart of South Florida. I think Palm Beach County should have fair gain here.

      • Is it your life mission now to stand up for representation of Palm Beach on a blog?
        Why would you ask for two different markets to pick a best website in their different sets of stations? If you wanna a poll with WPB stations it should be a completely different poll.

      • Alrighty then – how’s this: The Palm Beach TV web sites are as crappy as the FTL/MIA ones. They all basically suck.


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