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WTVJ Traffic Reporter Re-Assigned?

Photo Via: NBCMiami.com
Photo Via: NBCMiami.com

In 2007, WTVJ introduced the concept of a “on-air traffic reporter” to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market under split approval. Since then, the more conservative (and “old fashioned”) readers here on SFLTV have been adamant about their disapproval for this rather delayed method of receiving traffic updates. I’m not quite sure whither our readers dislike Roxanne Vargas and her reporting (or lack of) experience… or dislike the idea of Roxanne Vargas. Personally, I feel as if she does a fine job and improves as time goes on… None the less, is that traffic reporter you love to hate no longer a traffic reporter?

Independent sources have been reporting to SFLTV.com that Roxanne Vargas has no longer been doing traffic updates on “Today in South Florida.” In what could be temporary, she has been reassigned to reporting more “lifestyle” reports, including a segment about the “trending topics” on Twitter. In place of Roxanne, Karen Curtis (who was the main traffic reporter during the Lonnie Quinn era) has been rotating with Metro Traffic’s Kristen Kelly in delivering the morning updates.

Attempts to reach the station and select employees for comment did not receive a response. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. [sarcasm on] Yes, useless reports about trending topics on twitter are much better than useless/delayed traffic reports [sarcasm off]

  2. In my opinion, Roxy does an EXCELLENT job at whatever she does. She always puts that extra “umph” you need for that story, she makes you laugh. She has excellent presence on camera, and has great chemistry with the other anchors. That calls for excellent on-camera talent.

  3. Traffic or not, the girl is awkward to watch. I agree with Brandon, she does bring that extra energy BUT it’s very obvious that the energy is FAKE. She is “getting better” each and every day in a MAJOR market. It’s not fair to her or US the viewers that she is learning the ropes when she should already know how to climb. Glad she doesn’t report traffic anymore, I could never follow her. The other women are much better and easier to understand.

  4. no one wants at WTVJ wants to talk to you guys, I’m sure. Why would they comment on this when the blog is clearly slanted towards their ex-employee, Joel Connelable? Did he join your staff?

    I would be shocked if they gave a half-ass blog any time of comment on if Roxanne Vargas was “re-assigned” or not. Get over yourselves.

  5. The Way it is seems to have problems with the English language. Why does he think this blog is slanted towards anyone? By the way, Joel spells his last name Connable and he wasa great on air talent in this market. As for Roxanne, she is fake and very nervous on air. She just needs to learn the swim in a small pond before jumping into the ocean. Trust me, WTVJ didn’t respond because the place is run by a temp news director who used to be a secretary and ha no college education in journalism. WTVJ doesn’t know what to do when news breaks or a staff member farts. They are lost.

  6. Wow guys! Roxy is NOT fake AT ALL! I have met her personally and she is exactly how she is ON AIR, fun, energetic and always happy. She does great with any reports or stories she is assigned too!

  7. Being a good person has nothing to do with her on air presence. She is horrible! When ever the anchors are talking about anything about history, education…. she just stares at the camera and shakes her head as agreeing because she has no idea about anything. She is very nice but who cares. She need to get back and answer Ardy’s telephone calls. It is insulting to the viewers that you would get rid of good talent and keep her.

    Local news is died!!!! Jump out before you all sink!

    • You were exactly right up to answering Ardy’s calls. Why the F*** does Ardy still work for NBC? Eventually the pendulum will swing back when they figure out no one will watch pretty zombies who can’t piece a sentence together.

  8. Can you clarify that TVJ “introduced on air traffic reporting to Miami market”? There have been “on-air” traffic reports long before that. 10 had Jen Herrera handling that at least 5 years ago.

    • I dunno about that, more than once I’ve been tipped off to a problem that would affect my morning commute by a traffic report. My main gripe is, get the direction right! And it would be also nice if they pinpointed the incident to within a mile of its actual location. (this is more the producers fault than the on-air talent delivering the report).

      I agree that traffic reports on the evening newscasts is a waste (does anyone have that still, besides WSVN?)

  9. Or you could just go to Traffic.com (or mobi.traffic.com on your cell) before you leave and not rely on useless and usually unreliable information.

  10. I agree with that which is posted above, she’s perdy hawt, but Roxy is by no means unattractive.Look at her profile pic,she’s got a great face and curves like Pepsi bottle.

  11. Roxy is by far the worst on-air “talent” at Channel 6, if not the market. She is an absolute joke to the industry. She is not qualified to be in this market. Not quite sure what the attraction is to Roxy. She is obnoxious and hasn’t learned yet that IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!! People are watching in the morning to hear the traffic reports…NOT to hear you sing and dance with a snake. Not to hear you talk about the “boo boo” on your arm. She is a disgrace to television and she makes me squirm in my seat when she is on the screen. Bob must shake his head every day when he hears her spew ridiculous crap that no one cares about. And when she DOES finally get to talking about traffic…I can’t follow her! WFOR traffic girl does a MUCH better job telling me which roads there are accidents on and where to avoid. Should be as simple as that. If this girl gets placed on the news beat (lifestyle or not)…the “news” industry really is at an all time low.

  12. Roxy is excellent at what she does. She is refreshing and easy to listen to. Being that she is young, the young crowd can relate to her. She brings something new and fun to channel 6 that has been missing for awhile. And how is someone suppose to get experience? They have to start somewhere. I just think its easier to be on the other side of it all and hate on someone who is moving up in the world!!

  13. This Roxhead is by far the worst most annoying so called reporter on local TV.Please take her off the air and put her under Andy’s desk where I am sure she is much better qualified to spew he incoherent self centered silly tirades.

  14. I don’t know if it is temporary, but Roxy was doing traffic in-studio on this morning’s broadcast. Maybe, since 6 in the mix is being pre-empted by Olympics coverage, someone at WTVJ wanted to make sure that Roxy still got face time. 🙂

    • And this morning, with the Olympics over (and supposedly with 6 in the mix airing at 11:30), Joe Brennan did the traffic. Hmmm…


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