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When I hear about LOCAL breaking news, I turn my TV station to…

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    • That has to be the biggest load of crap said in a while on this board.

      I lived in Washington state during the Elian Gonzalez saga, it was a media lovechild all over the country. I still remember the tiny Cuban community in Seattle doing a little demonstrations through the whole thing. I watched the frenzy when they raided his home on CNN. When the President chimes in, an enemy dictator chimes in and then our attorney genral takes control it’s not a local story.

      The Elian Gonzalez story pops up on every 90’s newsmakers story and just last year 60 Minutes on CBS did a story on Elian Gonzalez and what he’s been up to since (he’s a commie now btw) and theres probably a dozen made for tv movies on the whole thing.

      • Well, I was here, and I tell you, the media was talking about it but it was not the all-consuming obsession among people outside of Dade County at its “height.” Our media hardly serve as a barometer for what people care about–they guess and guess badly most of the time.

        • It still doesnt mean it was just a local story. Im sure outside of the Cubans in Dade nobody else in Dade cared. The media covers lots of things, in today’s media its not all supposed to be just what you care to hear about.
          But the fact remains you can find somebody that remembers the story just about anywhere.

  2. I find it mind numbing that people actually watch Channel 7 for news. If you are an intelligent human being, you should expect more.

    • Let’s ignore Diego’s cheerleading skills and play advocate for some odd reason.

      Ok, so we’re in agreement that WSVN is geared towards the younger crowd vs. the other stations that goes more older. One reason why 7 goes for the gusto is people want to know and want to know NOW!! 7 brings the Now part in terms of breaking news.

      Overall, 7 brings the style, while others bring the substance. Besides, isn’t television supposed to be a VISUAL medium? I know speaking journalistic, it’s very sad that news judgments have to be determined by how much can be determined though the visual aids, but compared to the broadsheet that is CBS4, 7 is on RedBull.

  3. For the most part, ‘Local news’ is local based on what where you are.

    Do Broward residents really care about breaking news regarding a convenience store robbery in Miami? Do Miami-Dade residents care about the same type of incident in Coral Springs? I’d wager no on both counts.

    • Not unless the resident that lives in Miami has a close relative living in Coral Springs. Then it crosses the county line.

  4. Doesn’t really matter, because if you are watching Channel 7, you are going to hear about which “Idol” contestant took a healthy BM that day


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