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Andrea Brody at WPLG?


A number of Meebo tipsters have reported that former WTVJ sportscaster Andrea Brody, (who was laid off at the same time Kelly Craig and Joe Carter were) was seen on-air at WPLG doing the sports report. Some report that she’s freelancing; however, I was unable to confirm it from where I am this week. I’ll work on getting the full scoop as soon as I can.

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  1. I texted it to that # Sunday night so do I count as a Meebo? I was glad to see her Sunday Night. With the NFL season starting soon has anyone heard of Local 10 & NBC 6 getting those Sunday Night shows back on the air.

  2. WPLG will never get the sports show back.. the top managers here are anti gay and anti sports…as for WTVJ…they will cut everywhere they can.

  3. Never did I think I would see the Miami market start to suck. I’m actually happy I live in West Palm. It’s a little more competitive than Miami.


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