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A note about the lack of posting…


Hi there from far, far, away!

A lot of our readers have been getting rather annoyed with us for the lack of posting. Our loyal tipsters and local news viewers are peeved because they feel their tips are being ignored…

They’re not.

I’m on a nice long vacation to a land far away from South Florida. However, please still keep sending your tips, comments, and e-mails saying “hello!” via these methods. I’m still in contact via Blackberry and will respond to your e-mails as soon as I can (usually in under 12 hours). SFLTV.com will resume the luxury of two bloggers by the middle of next week. I have lots of news for you; rumor control, two major faces in SoFlo set to leave, and going away parties galore!

I’ll see you in a few!


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  1. I heard that the postings have stopped because your site was sued by Tammy Delgado. She clams the site is shutting down. I hope not

    • Good lord!

      You believe Tammy Delgado?

      She has better things to do with her life than trying to sue the site.

      Like getting some skills that will keep her employed.

      She needs ’em!

      Love this site man!

      Rock on!

  2. The man is taking a vacation! is not like he’s surgeon who needs to be on call 7/24 or getting paid to do this

    If you want news then go to the appropriate news outlet.

    Alex enjoy your time off.

  3. Anything going on at WFOR? Antonio Mora is doing the Saturday news solo and Gwen Belten is in the field. Is this just to take advantage of the Dolphins audience or are they shuffling the deck at 4?

  4. Is Tammy Delgado the slightly overweight producer at NBC who wears too much Makeup? I think I met her when I did an interview on Today in South Florida and she is really rude. She wanted a free visit at my clinic in exchange for news coverage. I said no.

    • Wow, they do you a favor by giving you nice free publicity and an interview on their morning show, yet you have to be so anal and not toss any token of thanks in their direction.

      • Graham, I’m sorry… But this just proves how little you know about the TV news industry. I am in no way saying this “Tammy Delgado” woman you speak of took anything for free, however, under no circumstances is any TV station employee allowed to accept anything for free. The only exception being for entertainment shows such as ‘Access Hollywood’… But never news stations that report on the days hardcore news. That is not only an ethical nightmare, but also a contractual breech for those who are under contract.

        A “gift” to an employee, is no better than a bribe.

        Use common sense, Graham….

  5. Hmmm. Joel Connable allegedly got fired for taking a free trip with several other NBC employees. I read his lawsuit. He never went on the trip and never asked for anything. Everyone knows NBC id’t want to pay his salary and the same is true for Michael Williams, Tony Segreto, Kelly Craig and now Julia Yarbough. He will win money since his contract protects him. Why hasn’t that girl Tammy been fired for all the free stuff she is taking for her wedding. It’s well documented and I have heard people in the newsroom talk about it all the time. She is so hated in that place. I heared she just sits at her desk and looks at shopping web sites and doesn’t get involved at all.

    • No he won’t. He broke company policy! You may be right that NBC did not want to pay his salary, and by his breaking company policy that made it very easy for NBC to do the inevitable. Not a darn thing he can do about it. He screwed up.

  6. Hey GB Miami. Do you actually have proof of this? Where do you get the information you have? He broke policy? Wow, you seem to know more than anyone else. We should find out where you get this power to know what really happens behind closed doors. Wow, you could make money off this power. Wow, I bet you thin Charles Perez has no case either. You could help save the tax payers lots of money by throwing out cases nd convicting people without the costly trials. I think we have something here.

  7. No you shouldn’t. My point was she ws rude and it didn’t seem like she knew what she was doing. I shouldn’t have said anything about free stuff since I have no proof, other than what other peopl ehave said about her on this site.

  8. Whether she has good manners or not, the mediocre work product with her name attached to it is being put on the air at a major market O&O makes her ripe for ridicule, chastisement and general disdain. Learn what a newscast should look like and stop shopping online, OK? Heard of Don Hewitt?

  9. Alex,

    You take your long overdue break. I mean you deserve one sexy. I will cover the site for you.


    I mean I will show out as usual on here for my friends
    Joe, Mitch and Chuckie


    MAMA is gonna let them have it

    I mean Alex we all need a break from time to time.

    I am getting a facial right now LOL LOL


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