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WPEC News Director David Christopher Gone


wpec.logo.imagesNewsblues reporting last week that WPEC news director David Christopher was “terminated”. Ratings allegedly had to do with Christopher’s sudden departure but he contacted the site saying it was his decision to leave the station.

David Christopher joined WPEC in June 2007 from Springfield, Illinois where he oversaw four Sinclair Broadcasting stations. He replaced former WPEC news director Steven Hunsicker who left the station in May of the same year to join the Peace Corps.

As of August 18 WPEC’s website cbs12.com lists a job opening for an ND so if you’ve ever wanted to run a TV station, now’s your chance!

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  1. WPEC needs a more experienced ND…many of the online stories I saw on their website looked like crap and some didn’t even constitute full stories. I’m hoping they can turn things around.

    • I agree. They look great, even better than our O&O CBS station here in SoFla. So they have that part down, but yeah, the quality of stories I think needs to improve.

      • Yeah, I’ve been pretty impressed with the custom music and graphics work. So let’s keep our fingers crossed, then, that they can get some (more) decent news reporting to go along with it.

    • I think that has to do with Eric Roby being on “Paternity Leave”, He might be back next week. I’m surprised JC Fanjul isn’t doing the 5 and 5:30.

  2. the one constant in all of wpec troubles has been the longtime asst nd.
    amazing she’s been able to keep her job given the historical ratings problems.

    christoper and any other wpec nd is fighting the 800 pund gorilla known as wptv—-longtime leader in west palm market.
    good luck trying to unseat them.
    #1 for 45 years straight.

    fonger is the best anchor they have, and research proves it.
    roby, boyd, liz have produced horrible ratings for years.

    time to get some NEW solid anchors.

    and yes, story selection resembles small market.

    better looking newscast than wfor?
    i don’t think so.


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