Home Media Headlines Another Boston 7News-er Given the Boot for Thinking Too Much?

Another Boston 7News-er Given the Boot for Thinking Too Much?


l45532656331_7319Brandon Rudat who was WHDH’s weekend evenings anchor has been given the boot. Not the right fit for with the station he was told by WHDH news director Linda Miele who called him into her office Wednesday morning.

WHDH-ers are telling me though that, perhaps coincidentally, Rudat apparently didn’t know when to shut it. He too, like former lead anchor of 12 years Randy Price, spoke up about the dim witted stories WHDH is putting up on the air and made him read and report.

Rudat is 29 and has been at WHDH since 2007, his contract with the station expires April 22, 2009. He told the Boston Herald his dream was to work in LA where his family is.

We do wonder, if other 7newsers who objected to dim witted news are they next to be axed?! We also wonder if WHDH would issue a 3 second statement before a break about his leaving lieing saying he … “retired”

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  1. Well after what happened to Mr. Price maybe he should have bit his tongue. I mean sometimes you gotta swallow your pride and do what your boss tells you. However in the mean time you look for another job and then quit. I wish you the best of luck lookin for a new job.

  2. Worked with him in Hartford – a major primadonna convinced he was better than the rest of the building.

    This had nothing to do with him speaking out against the way things were going at 7; safe bet is his ego cost him a top-10 job.

  3. He did not leave because he thought that he was better than anyone. He left because he was defending the true meaning of journalism. There are lots of changes coming to WHDH

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