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Breaking News: Jose Suarez Allegedly Out From WSFL

Photo Via: YouTube.com
Photo Via: YouTube.com

Breaking news, according to multiple SFLTV.com sources: Jose Suarez, the current news director at WSFL and SouthFlorida.com/LIVE, was apparently let go from WSFL. According to our tipsters, Suarez was allegedly escorted from the building late last week at 3AM, and hasn’t returned since. Suarez is a former WTVJ employee, who left NBC6 for the position of news director at WSFL.

Some details are still not confirmed, such as the actual reason why he was “escorted from the building,” however, we are still looking into it. SFLTV tried contacting Suarez, and have yet to receive a response. We’ll keep you updated.

Video of Suarez on NBC6’s web show, “Autocast,” after the jump.

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  1. After seeing the product he was responsible for at 39, this is the guy who should be first to ask Chandra Bill for a job. Given the current regime at 6, that’s saying something.

  2. As the Buddha taught:

    “Do not think a small sin will not return in your future lives.
    Just as falling drops of water will fill a large container,
    The little sins that steadfast accumulate will completely overwhelm you.”

  3. Yea, not a fan… what a jerk… I don’t like anyone to lose their job, but this industry will be better off without Mr. Suarez.

  4. If you didn’t believe in karma, you should now. Suarez knows nothing about news and values Americas Next Top Model more than CNN. He ran the newsroom like a high school popularity contest, making his employees extremely uncomfortable as he openly gossiped about other employees like a 16 year old, and openly discussed graphic details about his sex life. This man deserves to burn in hell for the hell he put others through!

  5. If you didn’t believe in karma, you should now!
    Suarez knows nothing about news and values America’s Next Top Model more than CNN. He ran the news room like a high school popularity contest making employees extremely uncomfortable as he openly gossiped and said quite nasty things about other employees like a 16 year old would, and he openly discussed intimate details about his sex life in the newsroom. Jose Suarez made his employees work in a hellish atmosphere of unprofessionalism! Another station would be crazy to hire Mr. Suarez.

  6. Dang man why all the hating on Jose. I worked with Jose at SFL and I can confirm the he is a very good boss to work for. If you’ve never launched a station from scratch then you need to check your self before bashing him. The fact is he was not run out, escorted out of the building at 3am, or thrown out. He left willing on his own terms in the middle of another 12 hour day. Tribune is trying to re-event local news. The problem is Newspaper people know very little about broadcast television. And make no mistake, they are the ones making the decision about what goes on the air. The problem is they make a decision, then would make Jose announce the decision and win it fails, they blaim him. They are trying to run the station like a newspaper and if they would let the people who know television run the place, then they would a legit product. If you’ve ever worked for Tribune before then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    • Mix, you are likely part of the problem. You’re in the frigging business and don’t know he was trying to “reinvent” local news and that they “blame” him. For God’s sake, if you punks do not want to speak any language fluently, stay the hell out of media, will you? Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and if you cannot spell, you cannot do this job. If that makes me an old fart for saying so, tough crap. If people cannot understand you because your communications skills are so poor, then you are not cut out for communications, now are you? You probably think it’s “should of” instead of “should have” too. Mediocrity sucks!

    • “The problem is Newspaper people know very little about broadcast television.

      then would make Jose announce the decision and win it fails, they blaim him.”

      and TV people know very little about the English language.

  7. Jose is very creative and was the best person to launch WSFL’s morning show. Say what you want about him but he has balls and a vision. Tribune is horrible and is going down the toilet not just in Florida but everywhere. Newspapers should have no business in the tv world. Kudos to Jose for a job well done. He will land on his feet somewhere in no time.

  8. He is creative… Unfortunately his ‘vision’ is completely skewed mostly because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.


  9. wasn’t one of Tribune’s bosses saying how WSFL was changing the morning news, and how revolutionary the concept was and what not? And used themm as an example of what their other stations should be doing? On the other hand it looks as though Sam Zell will be out as Tribune chairman.

    • Sam Zell is the biggest asshole you’ll ever meet if you meet him. omg, I cannot even begin to describe him. Because of him, I do nothing Tribune related.

  10. So does that mean Jose Suarez is coming back to WTVJ? Loved his autocasting reports and interactive reports. Also, who is replacing Julia Yarbough?

  11. He won’t be going back to WTVJ. Infact, it will be very tough for him to get hired again after what he is accused of at WSFL. Roxanne Vargas will be anchoring with Jackie Nespral.

  12. They need to hire a new face and a male face! Is Gray Hall still working at WTVJ havent seen him on the air in a while…

  13. Amara with Jackie? Is that going to work? I like Sharon Lawson… I love Amara Sohn too but with Jackie? When is Jackie going to Retire? And they need to bring Kelly Craig back!

  14. Gray Hall was laid off. he was awful though. he had no personality and told every news story like her was reading right from the police report. Oriental wouldn’t be the right term for Amara. She is Asian. How rude. I think Roxanne has been pushing for a full time anchor gig, since she was the GM’s secretary for years and was promised celebrity status if she did her work well as a secretary. It’s a lot like what Cecelia Bradley, the assignment desk manager and former interim news director went through. She was a secretary for Don Brown and then promised big moves within NBC when she became best friends with Yvette Miley. Yvette put her on the management track. if you want to succeed at NBC6, become a secretary first.

  15. Michale, if Roxanne is anchoring with Jackie. I’m not watching. What is wrong with NBC management? They need to hire a male anchor. I think Roxanne is better in entertainment. Why not Trina Robinson? She is talented and dresses better than Jackie Nespral. At least in the Jacksonville market there not replacing too many old faces with young faces. Why put a younger person that just started their career and put them at the top? It’s just sad to see local news doing down the drain and it’s not really competitive in the Miami market compared to Atlanta.

  16. Somebody mentioned Kelly Craig. Did you guys hear her on the paul and young ron show last week? Oh my God she was the fuh-shiz. It takes alot to crack them up and she nailed it the whole show.

  17. I heard she was good too. She should join the show and come back to NBC 6. South Florida Today is so boring without her.


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